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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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March 2019
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  1. 99 ways to say you are good


    99 Ways to Say ‘Very Good’

    1. You’re on the right track now!
    2. You’ve got it made.
    3. Super!
    4. That’s right!
    5. That’s good.
    6. You’re really working hard today.
    7. You are very good at that.
    8. That’s coming along nicely.
    9. Good work!
    10. I’m happy to see you working like that.
    11. That’s much, much better!
    12. Exactly right.
    13. I’m proud of the way you worked today.
    14. You’re doing that much better today.
    15. You’ve just about got it.
    16. That’s the best you’ve ever done.
    17. You’re doing a good job.
    18. That’s it!
    19. Now you’ve figured it out.
    20. That’s quite an improvement.
    21. Great!
    22. I knew you could do it.
    23. Congratulations!
    24. Not bad.
    25. Keep working on it. You’re improving.
    26. Now you have it!
    27. You are learning fast.
    28. Good for you!
    29. Couldn’t have done it better myself.
    30. Aren’t you proud of yourself?
    31. One more time and you’ll have it.
    32. You really make my job fun.
    33. That’s the right way to do it.
    34. You’re getting better every day.
    35. You did it that time!
    36. That’s not half bad.
    37. Nice going.
    38. You haven’t missed a thing!
    39. Wow!
    40. That’s the way!
    41. Keep up the good work.
    42. Terrific!
    43. Nothing can stop you now.
    44. That’s the way to do it.
    45. Sensational!
    46. You’ve got your brain in gear today.
    47. That’s better.
    48. That was first class work.
    49. Excellent!
    50. That’s the best ever.
    51. You’ve just about mastered it.
    52. Perfect!
    53. That’s better than ever.
    54. Much better!
    55. Wonderful!
    56. You must have been practicing.
    57. You did that very well.
    58. Fine!
    59. Nice going.
    60. You’re really going to town.
    61. Outstanding!
    62. Fantastic!
    63. Tremendous!
    64. That’s how to handle that.
    65. Now that’s what I call a fine job.
    66. That’s great.
    67. Right on!
    68. You’re really improving.
    69. You’re doing beautifully!
    70. Superb!
    71. Good remembering.
    72. You’ve got that down pat.
    73. You certainly did well today.
    74. Keep it up!
    75. Congratulations. You got it right!
    76. You did a lot of work today.
    77. Well, look at you go.
    78. That’s it.
    79. I’m very proud of you.
    80. Marvelous!
    81. I like that.
    82. Way to go!
    83. Now you have the hang of it.
    84. You’re doing fine!
    85. Good thinking.
    86. You are really learning a lot.
    87. Good going.
    88. I’ve never seen anyone do it better.
    89. Keep on trying.
    90. You outdid yourself today!
    91. Good for you!
    92. I think you’ve got it now.
    93. That’s a good (boy/girl).
    94. Good job, (person’s name).
    95. You figured that out fast.
    96. You remembered!
    97. That’s really nice.
    98. That kind of work makes me happy.
    99. It’s such a pleasure to teach when you work like that.


  2. Student enrichment programme

    Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth 6Th Milestone Mawana Road, Meerut. Points to be kept in mind for making chart : ·          Borders must be drawn with bright / dark color. ·          Information should be written neatly. Stencils can be used if writing is not good. ·          Uniformity in the size of letter... Comment
  3. Multiple Intelligence – Frequently asked questions

      Almost every day, I receive questions about multiple intelligences theory. Some of the questions concern the theory itself, though many more deal with recommended practices or with questionable applications. The questions come from professors, teachers, parents, college students, high school students, and elementary school students; they emanate from many... Comment
  4. School Reception – Duties of the Receptionist

    Reception Maintain Record as under:   1.     Telephone Register 2.     Complaint Register 3.     Daak Register (Receiving) 4.     Daak Despatch Register 5.     Purchase Requisition / Indent Register 6.     Issue Register 7.     Material Receipt Register 8.     Despatch Register (Material) 9.     Class Attendance Registers 10.   Staff Attendance Registers (Academic & non- Academic) 11.  ... Comment
  5. Changing teaching practices

    Using cirriculum differentiation to respond to students diversity. This book explains how different types of students can be diffrenciated on the basis of intelligence type they have. A lot of case studies are presented for the subject. The book aims at supporting teachers in developing and expanding their own teaching capabilities. The... Comment

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