Do you need a workshop for your faculty / Principals for the cluster / group of schools? We have a great lineup of workshops available for you to choose from presented by Mr. Vishal Jain the founder of and SOE team.

* CCE – curriculum designing, rubrics , FA planning and Automation.
* Multiple Intelligences -” Creating a thinking Classroom”
* Leadership Training – ” Leading the school to top ”
* Adolescence and Life Skills – ” Creating a peer educator “

More workshops on :

Globalization of Secondary Education
Self Improvement
Stress Management
Positive Attitude
Team Development
Creative Thinking
Understanding and managing self
Strategic Leadership
Conflict Management
Personality development
Right to Information Act
Instructional Supervision
Time management
Life Skills training
Emotional Intelligence
Change management
Soft Skills
Automation of School
Classroom management
Effective school management etc.


There are more workshops designed for students, parents and management.

The duration of workshop can vary from 1-2 days as per school convenience.

Cost of Workshop : Rs. 20000/- per day ( for 20-25 principal / teachers ) . If more principal/ teachers are there then add Rs. 1000/- per teacher / leader. (Cost of travelling / stay to be paid by the School / cluster of schools)

All of our workshops offer:

* Ability to compress or expand the duration of the workshop based on customer need.
* Stimulating multimedia presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint, physical examples of teaching aides, demonstrations, several    examples of practical concept implementation, etc.
* Personalization of the presentation to the audience being addressed.
* Handouts and/or workbooks.
* The enthusiasm and charisma of experienced presenters.

In the event that you require any additional information, please contact  Mr. Vishal…. at


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