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Science – Elementary (K-5)

sci01.txt      mini-lesson on making a pinhole camera

sci02.txt      Great mini-lesson/simulation on salmon homing instincts

sci03.txt      mini-lesson on soil erosion

sci04.txt      mini-lesson for elementary astronomy

sci05.txt      mini-lesson for elem. astronomy/ constellations

sci06.txt      mini-lesson on microscope use (elementary)

sci07.txt      mini-lesson on interplanetary distances

sci08.txt      mini-lesson on glowing planet chart

sci09.txt      mini-lesson on simple machines)

sci10.txt      mini-lesson on orbital paths (astronomy)

sci11.txt      mini-lesson on limpet identification

sci12.txt      mini-lesson on mapping constellations

sci13.txt      mini-lesson on baggy science (chemistry)

sci14.txt      mini-lesson on bird study

sci15.txt      mini-lesson on animal life cycles

sci16.txt      mini-lesson on changes in earth’s crust

sci17.txt      mini-lesson on creative science

sci18.txt      mini-lesson on changes in earth’s crust

sci19.txt      mini-lesson on studying owl pellets

sci20.txt      mini-lesson on the big bang theory

sci21.txt      mini-lesson on blood circulation

sci22.txt      mini-lesson on wood & pond ecology

sci23.txt      mini-lesson on dinosaurs/archeology dig

sci24.txt      mini-lesson: molecular motion in water

sci25.txt      mini-lesson: sound/sonar/ocean mapping

sci26.txt      mini-lesson on water pollution

sci27.txt      mini-lesson on environmental/outdoor ed.

sci28.txt      mini-lesson on water quality/freshwater and organisms

sci29.txt      mini-lesson elem. science/dichotomous key

sci32.txt      Making an animal book on animal covers

sci33.txt      Senses – Literature based (K)

sci35.txt      Environment game “Oh Deer” (4-6)

sci36.txt      Matter: students mix or separate ingredients  (5)

sci38.txt      Designing an ecologically sound city (5)

sci41.txt      Growing crystals (1-12)

sci42.txt      Balloon fun to develop questing skills (1-12)

sci43.txt      Writing, talking, and painting about clouds  (4-6)

sci44.txt      Rocks : Eating metamorphic pancakes (2-8)

sci45.txt      Migration/Coastal wetlands (2-6)

sci46.txt      Using whole language and a field trip a study of trees (2-5)

sci47.txt      Crickets: Animal mapping (4-6)

sci48.txt      Discover properties of sensational slime (1-4)

sci49.txt      Fossil imprints with clay (1-2)

sci50.txt      Experiments using the phases of the moon (4-6)

sci51.txt      Health evaluation of food groups (3-4)

sci52.txt      Crystals: “fun” activities about matter (4)

sci53.txt      Inquiry skills via bubbles (1-6)

sci56.txt      Layers of Earth (2-6)

sci57.txt      Creating a book about the environment (3)

sci58.txt      Endangered species; productive thinking model  (4-6)

sci61.txt      Observing caterpillars to butterflies (K)

sci62.txt      Categorizing animals (1-3)

sci63.txt      Create a forest in a jar (K-6)

sci64.txt      Primary colors with icing (2)

sci67.txt      Solar system with balloons (2-3)

sci68.txt      Color mixing; learning scientific experimentation (K-3)

sci69.txt      Mixtures: test and experiments (3-5)

sci70.txt      Environmental Fair (1-3)

sci72.txt      Electricity with brown bag of stuff to explore (1-5)

sci73.txt      Studying waves, using a slinky (3-5)

sci76.txt      Bubble-ology – Observing colors (K-3)

sci78.txt      Nutrition: St. Patrick’s Day Snack (1)

sci80.txt      Using rocks and whole language to made decisions (2-8)

sci81.txt      Experiments with liquids, gases, and solids  (1-3)

sci84.txt      High and low pressure activities (4-6)

sci85.txt      Flying objects and metrics with boomerangs (3-12)

sci86.txt      Environment and garbage (2-3)

sci87.txt      Solar Energy; using hot boxes (5-6)

sci95.txt      Solid, liquid and gas water magic (K-4)

sci99.txt      Substance abuse role playing (5)

sci100.txt     Bells ‘N’ Scales – pitch (2-5)

sci104.txt     Exploring seeds in fruit (1-3)

sci105.txt     Studying and understanding the features of the moon (1-2)

sci106.txt     Experiment to collect solar energy (3-8)

sci107.txt     Health – Salad Party (3-4)

sci108.txt     Coelenterates, Worms & Arthropods; convening, creating & conventions (K-5)

sci112.txt     Science review using ‘Jeopardy’ (3-6)

sci113.txt     Astronomy; learning constellations (3)

sci114.txt     Schematic unit on plant systems (2)

sci116.txt     Space Shuttle lesson (5)

sci118.txt     Dinosaurs; practice developmental skills with dinosaur lesson (K-2)

sci119.txt     An introduction to using indicators to determine acids & bases  (4-6)

sci121.txt     Combining Science & Language Arts using “Jack and the Beanstalk” (3)

sci122.txt     Environmental education : Exploring the playground (4-6)

sci123.txt     Survival of the Fittest”; Animal Survival game (2-4)

sci127.txt     Non-Compressibility of Water experiment (4-8)

sci131.txt     Magnetism; experimenting and investigating with magnets (2-3)

sci132.txt     “Paper Airplane Science”; introducing and understanding variables in experiments (2-6)

sci134.txt     Creative study of bones (3-4)

sci135.txt     ‘Lettuce Us Be Different’, comparing similarities and differences of individuals using lettuce growing activity (2)

sci136.txt     ‘Bouncing Ball’ activity for introduction of variables (3-8)

sci137.txt     ‘Diffusion of Molecules’, a discovery activity (3-4)

sci139.txt     ‘Simulated Wolf Population Study’, activity to discovery conditions which affect wolf pack size (4-6)

sci141.txt     ‘Mountain Building’, hands-on activity to  study soil erosion (4-9)

sci144.txt     ‘Needle Through a Balloon’, hands-on activity to discover the polymer molecule (4-6)

sci145.txt     ‘Molecules and Temperature’, activity to understand temperature and molecular movement (1-4)

sci146.txt     Ecology; activity to study harmful litter to the environment (4-6)

sci151.txt     ‘Slippery Substances’, hands-on activity to discover how and why we use lubricants (3-4)

sci153.txt     ‘Touch ‘n’ Feel Box’, intro to study of living and non-living things using tactile perception (2-4)

sci154.txt     ‘Discovering the Earth’s Journey Around the Sun’, using shadows (5)

sci155.txt     Ecology – activity to measure individual, family, and community involvement in caring for the earth (2-6)

sci156.txt     ‘Backpack Science – Sink or Float’, activity that allow students to take experiments home (2)

sci158.txt     ‘Animal Round Game’, activity to reinforce animal classification (5)

sci159.txt     ‘Bark Casts’, activity to classify trees, and reinforce observation techniques (2-4)

sci160.txt     ‘Inventions, Puppets, and Commercials’, encourage problem solving and critical thinking using inventions (3-4)

sci161.txt     ‘I’m Warm Now’, water conservation activity (3)

sci162.txt     ‘Buggy Diner’, study of insect control (3-5)

sci163.txt     Science and Technology Timeline (3-12)

sci164.txt     ‘One Color or Two?’, hands-on activity to discover prima;ry and secondary colors (2)

sci165.txt     ‘Whale Echolocation’, hands-on activity (2-4)

sci166.txt     ‘Why is the Sea Salty?’ (K-3)

sci168.txt     ‘Donut Sort’, activity on classification, dichotomous key (3-9)

sci171.txt     Physics – ‘Simple Harmonic Motion’, understanding SHM with hands-on experiments (4-6)

sci174.txt     Study of movement using marbles (3-4)

sci177.txt     Creating Sand Dunes (3-6)

sci178.txt     Studying the Solar System (5-6)

sci179.txt     ‘Eat and Run’, simulation activity to mimic occurrences in nature (K-2)

sci185.txt     ‘Where Is My Peanut?’, activity to increase skills in observation, recording, fact and opinion (2-8)

sci186.txt     ‘Looking for Variables’, hands-on activity to illustrate importance of controlling variables (4-6)

sci187.txt     ‘Potential & Kinetic Energy’, understanding the relationship between ‘PE’ & ‘KE’ (5-6)

sci190.txt     ‘The Water Cycle’, creating a water cycle (2-4)

sci191.txt     ‘Beans and Baleen’, simulation activity for estimating populations (2-8)

sci192.txt     Schematic Unit on Plant Systems (2)

sci195.txt     ‘The History of Flight Timeline’   (3-6)

sci196.txt     ‘School Yard Park/Ecosystem’, (5)

sci200.txt     “For the Birds”, studying birds’ feeding pattern (K-3)

sci205.txt     Studying “Earthworms” (3-4)

sci207.txt     “Spud Stuff”, hands-on potato unit (primary grades)

sci208.txt     “It’s Eating Away At You”, study of acid rain (K-8)

sci209.txt     “Superballs”, activity to help understand molecules and polymers (4-6)

Science – Intermediate (6-8)

sci30.txt      A unit on Earth, Sun, Moon and Stars (5)

sci31.txt      Hands on activity on photosynthesis (6-8)

sci34.txt      Scenario: Spaceship earth as systems (5-7)

sci39.txt      Introduce aerodynamics by bubble-ology (4-9)

sci40.txt      Salmon Homing Instincts: Hands-on activity (4-8)

sci54.txt      Owl pellets used to teach the food chain (4-12)

sci55.txt      Food labels to study nutritional value (4-12)

sci60.txt      Decision making activity on earth & space (7-12)

sci65.txt      Life in the future, good descriptions (4-12)

sci66.txt      Cloud formation activity (5-12)

sci71.txt      Fruits and Vegetables; Reproduction (6-8)

sci74.txt      Transpiration experiment (5-8)

sci75.txt      Sunrise/Sunset, collecting data (4-12)

sci77.txt      Drugs: Role play child of alcoholic (7-12)

sci79.txt      Environmental unit on Solid Waste (6)

sci82.txt      Making 3-D plant and animal cells (6-10)

sci83.txt      Genetics – taster or non-taster (4-12)

sci96.txt      Polystyrene containers to test heat (3-12)

sci97.txt      Force, order, equilibrium. Air…What Gives?  (3-12)

sci98.txt      Building a psychrometer (6-9)

sci101.txt     Drug Prevention; group work/communication skills (6-9)

sci103.txt     Physics or Chemistry, investigating force, distance and time (8)

sci109.txt     Tasty Solution; solvent activity with candy  (7-9)

sci110.txt     Biology; Desert plant and animal adaptation  (4-12)

sci111.txt     Hot Air Balloon; making and experimenting with flight (4-12)

sci115.txt     The Ringer, a successful flying machine (3-12)

sci117.txt     Importance of trees in the rural area; Planting a Snowfence  (5-12)

sci120.txt     Recycling using junk mail (3-12)

sci126.txt     Solid Waste Management: “Let’s Talk Trash” (5-6)

sci133.txt     Creating a Visual Model of the Planet Earth; crust, core and usable land surface (3-9)

sci138.txt     ‘How Cells Duplicate, Why and Where Something Can Go Wrong’, study of DNA (7)

sci140.txt     ‘Jello Cells’, excellent hands-on activity to study cells membranes & walls (6-9)

sci142.txt     ‘In-House Core Sample’ activity (8)

sci143.txt     ‘Potato Chip Classification’, activity to introduce a dichotomous key (5-8)

sci152.txt     ‘Flight Platform’, study of forces acting upon a plane (6-8)

sci157.txt     ‘Excavating Your Recycling Bin as a Fossil Record’ (6-12)

sci167.txt     ‘Recycling Paper’, hands-on activity to actually recycle paper (4-9)

sci169.txt     ‘Magic Mirror Box’, on-going activity to encourage observation and curiosity (4-12)

sci170.txt     ‘Downhill Discoveries’, hands-on activity discovering potential and kinetic energy (5-8)

sci173.txt     ‘Stories in the Sky’, constellation study (5-7)

sci175.txt     Student ‘Role-Plays’ to illustrate different science processes (5-8)

sci176.txt     Using ‘Imagery’ to Introduce the Endocrine System (5-8)

sci180.txt     ‘Bacteria’, growing and studying bacteria (6-8)

sci181.txt     ‘pH’, activity to show how ‘pH’ affects our lives (6-8)

sci182.txt     ‘Protozoans’, hands-on activity studying one-celled protozoans (6-8)

sci183.txt     ‘Chemical Changes’, activities to illustrate different types of chemical changes (6-8)

sci184.txt     ‘Weather Forecasting’, hands-on activity (6-8)

sci188.txt     ‘Measuring Calories’, hands-on activity to ‘measure’ calories (5-8)

sci193.txt     ‘Roller Coasters in the Classroom’, activity working with potential and kinetic energy (4-8)

sci194.txt     ‘Laws of Reflection’, student developed (7-9)

sci197.txt     ‘Strands Walk’, an ecological observation (5-7)

sci201.txt     “3-D Magnetic Field”, activity to make and see a magnetic field (6-8)

sci202.txt     “Mass”, measuring mass using pennies (8)

sci203.txt     “Introduction to Minerals”, earth and physical science (5-8)

sci204.txt     “Future Weather Station/Forecasting”, science and art (6)

sci206.txt     Introducing Chromatography (6-8)

sci210.txt     Weathering Experiment, activity to observe ‘rock’ weathering (6-8)

sci211.txt     “How to Make a Kaleidoscope”, demonstrating light properties (6)

sci212.txt     “Temperature and Water Density”, (7-8)

sci213.txt     “Making Personal Maps”, activity to help students relate distances to maps (6-8)

sci214.txt     Understanding the “Theory of Superposition”, (5-9)

Science – High School (9-12)

sci37.txt      Chemistry “magic”: resources for demonstration (9-12)

sci59.txt      Saliva as an active enzyme (10)

sci88.txt      Parallax experiment with candles (10-12)

sci89.txt      A human pendulum lab activity (7-12)

sci90.txt      Magnetic fields activity (8-12)

sci91.txt      Astronomy: a star party (9-12)

sci92.txt      Visual model of solutions and concentrates (9-12)

sci93.txt      Physics: Science Show (9-12)

sci94.txt      Chemistry activities using molecules (9-12)

sci102.txt     Physics, introducing universal gas laws (11-12)

sci124.txt     Learning about ‘Probes’, Exploration & Application (8-12)

sci125.txt     Studying ‘Newton’s Laws’, Exploration & Application (9-12)


sci128.txt     Activity to discover how science is used in ‘Business & Industry’ (11-12)

sci129.txt     Activity to discover how to ‘Measure the Earth’ (9-12)

sci130.txt     Physics; investigating how “The Drinking Bird” works.  (9-12)

sci147.txt     ‘Mirror Image Exploration’, study of reflected light (9-12)

sci148.txt     ‘I’m “Inclined” to See Exploration’, studying sphere motion (9-12)

sci149.txt     ‘Measuring the Diameter of the Sun’ (9-12)

sci150.txt     ‘LIFELINE –  Bioethics and Humans’ (11-12)

sci172.txt     ‘Ice Cream In A Bag’, changes in matter (8-9)

sci189.txt     ‘To Diaper or Not To’, environmental impact of diapers (7-12)

sci198.txt     ‘Something Fishy’, creating the ocean of the future (5-12)

sci199.txt     ‘PV = nRT = BANG !’, Chemistry & Physics (11-12)


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