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  1. Checklist – Functions



    1.       Meeting of cultural committee to finalize the details / programs.

    2.       Chief guest and Guest of Honor

    a.       Finalizing the name

    b.      Invite

    c.       Invitation letter

    d.      Follow up reminder

    3.       Preparations of duty chart, duty assignments and arrangements

    4.       Information to welcome committee members.

    5.        Committees – Duty assignment and arrangements.

    A.      Seating arrangement.

    a.       Students

    b.      Guests

    B.      Reception.

    C.      Bouquets, flower arrangement

    D.      Rangoli.

    E.       Green room (if required )

    F.       Make-up

    G.      Water arrangement.

    H.      First aid.

    I.        Refreshment for invited guests

    a.        juice

    b.      Tea

    c.       Water bottles

    d.      2 sweets

    e.      3 namkeen – haldiram

    f.        2 buscuits

    g.       2 fruits

    h.      1 pakori or dhokla

    6.       Printing of cards (if required).

    7.       Discipline

    8.       Press committee & press releases.

    9.       Costume arrangement

    10.   Finalize the list of mementoes.

    11.   Program  list copies – Agenda.

    12.   P.A system (Mike, amplifiers, columns, horns etc. )

    13.   Ceremonies (including tilak ceremony, lightings of lamp, badges, students & tilak ceremony).

    14.   Ordering tent house for different items

    15.   Purchase of prizes & Mementoes

    16.   List of Special invites

    17.   Invitation to different Personalities/ Parents, Guests etc.

    18.   Meeting with the Co – Workers of the school for giving necessary instructions.

    19.   Appointment of children on different duties & instructing them accordingly.

    20.   Arrangement for refreshments for V.I.P.S & guests (if at all any to be done).  

    21.   Finalization of programmes

    22.   Approval of programmes

    23.   Rehearsal of programmes

    24.   Rehearsal of compere  

    25.    Speeches  if any

    26.   Student’s speeches if any

    27.   Cleaning after the programme

    28.   Sending the tent material back  .

    29.   A brief meeting of all staff on the morning of the program day.

    30.   A report of function to be made and submitted to Principal next day.

    31.   Letter of thanks to all special guests for gracing the occasion along with some photographs.

    32.   D group duty to be specifically assigned eg. Snacks, chairs etc.

    33.   Teachers not to be allowed in refreshment room except teacher on duty.

    34.   Snacks to be distributed by students under teachers on duty guidance.

    35.   No. of guests, VIP to be finalized beforehand.

    36.   School song sung by all while standing

    37.   Different boards at different areas ex. Parking, vip etc.

    38.   Information to canteen for arranging additional items.

    Annexures :

    1.       Letter of thanks

    2.       Agenda

    3.       Report

    4.       Invitation letter

    5.       Sample duty chart


  2. Job Description of Administrator

    Job Description of Administrator   The  Administrator will be the Chief Controller of the School.   Reporting Officer The  Administrator will report directly to the Principal.   A      General Administration 1.    Establish proper control procedures for purchase and issue of stores. 2.    Daily monitoring of inventories and annual... Comment
  3. Duties of Admission Clerk

    Duties of Admission Clerk   1.     Informing the deadline for submitting documents such as Fees, T.C., Medical Fitness Certificate, Birth Certificate, Blood Group, Transport & indemnity certificate etc. 2.     Informing of the purchase of books, uniform etc. 3.     Entering the Student data in the Student dossiers. 4.     Entering Admission Details... Comment

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