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  1. Leadership Books – 2


    Leading for Learning Sourcebook: Concepts and Examples

    This in-depth publication, aimed primarily at school and district leaders, offers a practical framework for clarifying school-improvement goals and devising a plan to move toward them. It draws on existing research and uses case studies to describe effective strategies such as sharing leadership, developing a professional community and making the most of outside resources.

    Download : LeadingforLearningSourcebook.pdf

    Leading for Learning: Reflective Tools for School and District Leaders

    This report can help school leaders envision ways to connect their daily work with better teaching and learning. In offering nearly two dozen methods that can directly influence student achievement, it suggests that there are multiple ways to bring a leader’s vision into the classroom. Principals and superintendents can use the report’s recommendations to generate new ideas, validate current approaches and guide professional development.


    Download : Leading for Learning Reflective Tools for Leaders.pdf

    Making Sense of Leading Schools: A Study of the School Principalship

    Too often, school districts treat principals as interchangeable, expecting them to have the same abilities and to perform equally well in all situations. But the true picture of school leadership is much more complex, concludes this report from the University of Washington’s Center on Reinventing Public Education. The report portrays principals as expert “diagnosticians” and leadership coordinators who know when to take on roles themselves and when to distribute leadership functions to others. It also examines how superintendents, school boards, teachers and university principal-training programs might come to better understand and support principals in this more nuanced view of the role.

    Download : Making Sense

    Leadership Matters: Building Leadership Capacity

    This guide for building education leadership provides strategies that all educators can use to promote learning among both students and professionals, build leadership capacity and create a “culture of effort” in the district. The Southern Regional Education Board’s three-pronged approach asks all adults to become model learners, to offer students and colleagues compelling reasons to learn and to capitalize on mentoring or coaching relationships that generate lasting improvement.


    Download : Leadership Matters.pdf

    Bindu Sharma / Vishal Jain


  2. CBSE Initiatives – Mr. Ashok Ganguly

    Cbse Initiatives – A Powerpoint presentation presented at Ludhiana which widely covers.. Curriculum Design Curriculum Reforms Curriculum Evaluation NCF New Subjects Modifications Internal Evaluation Assignment Projects Empowerment of Teachers and Principals Adolescence Health Sports Paradigms.. Download : CBSE – Update A must see presentation for upcoming Principals.. Ashok Ganguly Former Chairman... Comment
  3. Bunk Beds – Photograph

    I have a collection of about 5000+ photographs of various things / places in Schools like Science labs, Reception, bags, Sports equipment, notice boards, Furniture, Doors, floorings, Play stations, technology, lobby, structure designs, stationary, Lab Equipments, food mats, playgrounds etc. etc. if you ever need them for making new schools do... Comment
  4. The Leadership Challange

    The American Education Review Paper will deal with the challenge of leadership problem in context with school education and administration. It talks about the three interrelated elements of leadership and its implication in school administration system. It also provides recommendations and suggestions to meet the challenge of leadership concern in educational... Comment
  5. Leadership Books – Must read by Principals

    Good Principals Are The Key to Successful Schools: Six Strategies to Prepare More Good Principals Too often, argues this report from the Southern Regional Education Board, finding qualified school principals is more a matter of chance than deliberate policies. To cultivate successful principals, the report recommends that states and districts... Comment
  6. How to reach Nationals in Sports ?

    How to make your students reach in Nationals in Sports Recently I had got an opportunity to interact two good coaches from DDPS Ghaziabad, Vibhor and  Manoj Kumar who came in the CBSE cluster level III Table Tennis tournament organized by Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth. These coaches trained there students to... 1

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