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Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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March 2019
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  1. Soldiers train Teachers!


    Defenceindia, Lending the corporates a helping hand/ DefenceIndia introduces Innovative Training Modules for Corporate Executive Development / Teachers. is strongly committed to the development concerns of nation. The next step of this chain of development is Out Bound Training Programs, a new endeavor to meet the needs of the corporate /Education sector.

    In this age of cut throat competition, executives, in their pursuit of excellence, undertake stressful job timings and work profiles. This training program helps them in shaping their personality i.e. personality enhancements, stress alleviation etc, coupled with innovative HR trainings in Motivation, Team Building and Leadership modules. Outdoor training is a proven and effective method to train and develop staff, irrespective of their level and responsibilities within organizations. The areas of focus are: Team building, Creativity & problem solving, Leadership, Time management, Work ethics, Assertiveness, Communication, Counseling, Presentation, Negotiation, Decision making, Stress management, Conflict management, Goal setting & attainment etc.

    At the onset, these are perceived as company sponsored picnics but the ultimate aim behind the training programmes’ is to help, understand and explore the synergistic elements that contribute to effective team performance. And in natural environs, surrounded by the myriad hues of the earth, these bring out the creative instincts of an individual.

    At the inauguration ceremony of OBT Module, Mr. Rajesh Dixit, Chief Editor of said, “learning is a continuous process which leads to improved knowledge and skills when a person is in a resourceful state of mind. To learn with real life situations in natural surrounding is the most effective tool to develop the win-win attitude.” He added that, “These activities help develop, sharpen and fine-tune the behavioral skills and qualities of an individual. They bring out latent facets of one’s personality which results in quality inputs towards the organization.”

    Organizations increasingly look to it as means to rejuvenate and train their employees on the finer nuances of organizational behavior and team members seek to learn and foster better relations with colleagues – within their own teams and cross functional teams. Various outdoor sports and games are used to understand the corporate /Education  and organization’s philosophy even better. They also help in self-evaluation.

    All of the programmes are run under a strict safety code of conduct and the adventure activities/ games are custom designed in accordance to the fitness level of participants. Each of the exercise is meant to provide the participants with a certain amount of self – discovery and self-understanding and introspection with its attendant outcome of self-development. There is also of course the joy and thrill of participating in such outdoor activities which will refresh and rejuvenate the participants, both physically and mentally. In addition, the activities present a challenging environment, which stretches the “normally assumed” capabilities of the participants and helps them break out of their self-imposed ‘limitations’.

    Most of the modules are headed by an ex-serviceman, whose high ideals, logical bent of mind and a sincere creative approach to day to day issues, help the team members learn better.

    Download : Presentation

    Vishal Jain


  2. Teaching Handwriting

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  3. Home work

    A good, well-managed homework programme helps children and young people to develop the skills and attitudes they will need for successful lifelong learning. Homework also supports the development of independent learning skills and provides parents with an opportunity to take part in their children’s education. It is good practice for... Comment
  4. From Surviving to Thriving

    From Surviving to Thriving Sonia Nieto   To remain enthusiastic and committed in their work, teachers need environments that promote meaningful learning.   How do teachers move from simply surviving to actively thriving in the profession? How do they go from dreading the trials and tribulations that each day brings... Comment

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