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Requirements of Equipments for Resource Room disability-wise as suggested by NCERT (1987) are given below as a reference for schools:



 A.    Speech and Hearing Impairment

1. Sound discrimination toys (loud to refined)

2. Group hearing aids

3. Individual hearing aids

4. Audiometer with all accessories

5. Speech trainer with all accessories

6. Charts slides on sign language

7. Manual alphabet

8. Model of speech and hearing mechanism

9. Slides, charts on defects/deformities of speech and hearing impairments

10. Charts/Slides on speech articulation/felt cut outs in English and in any other regional language.

11. Speech correction exercises available at All India Speech and Hearing Institute, Mysore.

12. Mirror for speech correction.

B.     Visual Impairment                           

1. Braille alphabet English/Any other regional language


2. Snellen charts required for eye check –ups

3. Braille kit including abacus, stylus slate, taylor frame, etc. embossed tape rubber sheets, push pins.

4. Mobility cane, blind folder.

5. Charts on mobility skills.

6. Magnifying glasses plastic-based focusable, cylindrical magnifier, hand magnifiers, rectangular readers, etc.

7. Reading and writing stand with Braille marker.

8. Talking books.

9. Touch and audio learning material.

10. Model on eye mechanism.

11. Slides charts on eye defects and deformity.

12. Typewriter with Braille marker.

13. Thermoform machines.

C.    Orthopaedic Impairment

1. Charts/Model/Slides on upper and lower body  impairment.

2. Slides on techniques of physiotherapy.

3. Purchase prosthetic aids, wheel chairs, Braces, hand rails, adjustable furniture, thick pencil holder, book stands and page turner, etc.

4. Artificial limbs.

5. Slides on the diseases and correction related to orthopaedic impairment.

D.    Mental Retardation

1. Psychological tests used for testing.

2. Model of brain.

3. Charts/Slides on left and right hemisphere functioning and problems related to mental retardation.

4. Slides on mentally retarded (mild to severe) Adaptive behaviours in relation to intellectual functioning (NIMH, Secunderabad).

E.     Learning Disability

1. Tests used for assessment.

2. Charts/Slides on basic areas of learning disability- perceptual, reading, writing, arithmetic, listening and comprehension.

3. Charts/Slides on mistakes done by children.

4. Toys games, any other material used for correction of these problems.

5. Sand trays


Schools must maintain a Resource Room for children with special needs. A resource room should be furnished with all these necessary aids and equipments required for teaching-learning children with special needs. Teachers and specialists who are to use these resources must gain adequate training initially as well as constantly. In case of financial constraints, a cluster of schools can collaborate and share a common resource room maintained by them. NCERT (1987) has recommended the above essential aids and equipments. Schools can procure or design many other important equipments and gadgets which are coming in the international market.




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