Requirements for a opening a New School

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  1. Admission form
  2. Transport form
  3. Medical form
  4. School brochure
  5. Fee structure



  1. Stationary
  2. School letter head
  3. Office stationary
  4. Art & Craft stationary



  1. School advertisement (News Paper, leaflet, hording etc)
  2. Animated video of the school
  3. Photograph – Animated or Real



  1. Vice-Principal
  2. Teaching Staff
  3. Non-teaching Staff
  4. Ancillary staff



  1. Winter Uniform – Students
  2. Summer Uniform – Students
  3. Sports Uniform – Students
  4. Sports/Leather Shoes, Tie,Belt,Socks– Students
  5. Dress Code-Teaching Staff – Winter & Summer
  6. Dress Code for Non Teaching Staff
  7. Dress Code for Ancillary Staff



  1. Green Board
  2. Soft Board
  3. Cupboard
  4. Table & Chair for Staff
  5. Table & Chair for Students
  6. CCTV
  7. Interactive Board
  8. Coffee/tea machine




  1. Salary structure of other school



  1. Book list
  2. Note book Print
  3. Furniture requirement
  4. Computer requirement
  5. Water Purifier
  6. Internet connection whole campus
  7. School bell – Automatic
  8. Staff room furniture
  9. Library books

10. I-card, Smart Card

11. Video & still camera

12. School software – complete

13. Poster for corridors



  1. Fire permission
  2. State NOC for affiliation



  1. Activity room for pre-primary
  2. Art & craft room
  3. Councellor room
  4. Dance room
  5. Infirmary room
  6. Lab Computer
  7. Lab Geography
  8. Lab Language
  9. Lab Maths

10. Lab Science

11. Music room

12. Yoga room

13. Staff rooms

14. Account office

15. Principal Office

16. Vice-principal Office

17. Examination room

18. Conference room

19. CCTV Control room

20. Library –Pre-primary

21. Library – Primary




  1. School name
  2. Vision of the school & management
  3. Mission of the school
  4. School logo
  5. School website
  6. School calendar
  7. High-tech School
  8. Almanac
  9. Teacher’s form

10. CUG phone

11. School timings – Winter & Summer

12. Day school / Day Boarding

13. School open on which date

14. Leave rule

15. School rules & regulations

16. Laptop for all staff or not

17. Safety Security of the campus

18. Staying arrangement of the outside staff ????

19. Salary structure of our school – I have to form

20. Boarding will start this year or not

21. Staff in-service training



  1. School transport – Students
  2. School transport – Staff
  3. Medical van
  4. Parking for vehicles



  1. School Building – Deadline
  2. Teaching Staff Quarters – Deadline
  3. Non Teaching Staff Quarters – Deadline
  4. Ancillary Staff Quarters  – Deadline
  5. Mess – Ready or Not – Deadline
  6. Boarding – Deadline
  7. Deadline for all construction works



  1. Toys for play groups
  2. Swings for pre-primary
  3. Soft toys





  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Volleyball
  4. Badminton
  5. Cricket
  6. Lawn tennis
  7. Table tennis
  8. Swimming pool – Indoor


Mess – Day-Boarding & Boarding

  1. Milk – Morning – Only for Boarders
  2. Breakfast – Only for Boarders
  3. Dinner – Only for Boarders
  4. Snacks – Morning –Day Boarder & Boarder Both
  5. Lunch – Day Boarder & Boarder Both
  6. Snacks – Evening- Day Boarder & Boarder Both
  7. Food Policy for Staff & Staff Children



  1. Appointment for Admission staff
  2. Date of admission
  3. Admission office
  4. Admission Stationary
  5. Entrance test papers for all classes



  1. Grass in all the fields
  2. Seasonal flowers
  3. Hedge – different colour & height
  4. Plantation of evergreen trees
  5. Plantation of trees for shades


  • Deadline for all requirement
  • Construction phase – finishing dead line


School Improvement Programme


Admission & Promotion Criteria

  • Excellent, Good, Average or Below Average students
  • English Medium only or Hindi or Other Medium also.
  • Promotion Criteria – Failure students in next class or not/ conditional promotion to be considered or not.

E-Learning Strategy

  • Web Portal
  • Digital Learning Centre
  • CAL Packages
  • Administration Software
  • Wi-Fi Campus
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Digital Library Solutions
  • On-line Assessments
  • E-Lesson Plans

Image Building Techniques

  • Maintain close contact with the media, govt. agencies, banks, insurance companies, political parties, District Administration, Police, VVIPS etc.
  • To publish various activities in Local and National Newspapers.
  • Newsletters minimum – 4 in a year
  • Annual School Magazine/ CDs etc.
  • Interaction with parents through written letters / correspondence.
  • School Prospectus / CD.
  • School website with all the updates
  • Hosting CBSE competitions.
  • Invitation to selected parents for Special assemblies.
  • Inter-school competitions.
  • Safety Measures
  • Hygiene & Cleanliness
  • Ambience of the school, Classrooms, Labs, Reception, Office, Library etc.
  • Contacts play groups.
  • Annual Day / Sports Day programme.

Improvement in Standard of Education

  • Audio – Visual Classes
  • Language / Maths / Social Science / Science / Computer Laboratories
  • Project work
  • Exhibition
  • Student Seminars
  • Workshops for Teachers.
  • Workshops for Students
  • Well stocked – Updated Library
  • Well planned Examination System
  • Remedial teaching for slow learners
  • Enrichment classes for the bright ones


Quality Improvement Projects

  • Almanac
  • Weekly Tests
  • Awards & Certification
  • Coaching Classes
  • Co-curricular Activities – Quality – Judges from outside
  • Club Activities
  • Parent Teacher Interactions
  • Parent Teacher Co-ordination Committee
  • House System
  • Spoken English
  • Counsellor – students, parents & teachers
  • Uniform of all Staff members including IV grade staff
  • EPBEX & CCTV for proper communication


Parent Satisfaction Index

  • Academic Response Sheet
  • PTCC Meetings
  • Area Representatives
  • Class-wise Result Analysis to Parents


  • Full furnished Accommodation for Boarding/Sports staff
  • Recreation room for boarders
  • Well Planned outing for boarders

Maintenance of the School

  • All School grounds on regular basis
  • School Ambience (Entry from the main gate)
  • AC / Buses /School Vehicles/ furniture / Cleaning / Generator / Security / Swimming pool etc.


  • Required proper training for all the catering staff.
  • Doctor/teacher/student/professional should be consulted for the School Menu.
  • Hygiene – proper checking of personal & living hygiene of each and every person.



New Admission – How to achieve the target?

  • Advertisement – Pamphlets, Hoardings, Wall painting, SMS, FM Radio, Newspaper
  • Appointment of Admission team
  • Fee structure according to the vicinity
  • School Prospectus & Admission Form
  • Ambience of the classrooms, corridors, library, office etc.
  • Update School Website
  • Furniture according to the height in different classrooms
  • Pre-primary rooms (Fully decorated & Equipped)
  • Music room (Fully Equipped)
  • Sports room (Fully Equipped)
  • Library room (More books required – No specimen copies)

Excellence in Academics– How to achieve the target?

  • Well design Curriculum
  • Good examination system
  • Well Structured CCE system with equal emphasis on scholastic as well as co-scholastic areas
  • Remedial classes
  • Enrichment classes
  • Good teaching staff
  • Good salary for the staff
  • Workshop (Subject wise)  for teachers
  • Workshop (General)  for teachers
  • Frequent classroom observation with proper feedback format
  • Staff appraisal
  • Fair Admission and Promotion Policy (Transparent)

Control on All kind of Expenses and Wastage and Increases School funds

  • Electricity
  • Water
  • Phone bills
  • Diesel
  • Wastage of all kitchen items – vegetable/fruits/chapatti/milk/cooked food etc.

Check on All kind of Purchases and Increases School funds

  • Well Maintained stock register
  • Electricity – Solar Energy – one time investment & subsidy by the govt. of India
  • Phone plans – CUG connections etc
  • Check on any kind of Purchase for kitchen/ Stationary/ Furniture/ Books/ Uniforms/ Shoes/ Lab Equipments/  Computers/ Vehicles/ School Building Materials/ Whitewash etc
  • School Maintenance
  • Once or twice stock checking

Promotional Tour

  • Printing Materials (News paper) Brochure to be ready. Greeting, VCD – given to each city cable operator (Strip Advertisement), Advertisement in selected theatres of different districts.
  • Hoarding in city example. for Secondary School Affiliation – prime locations (GT Road / Airport etc.)
  • Promotional tour for promotion of admission needs to start from the month of Nov-Dec as this is the right time for admission. Therefore advertisement in the newspaper has to be given time and again to make people know about the school.

Proper channelizing of this organization should be our first and foremost priority and I am looking forward for your guidance and support for it.



  1. K.K.Datta

    January 28, 2012

    Dear Vishal,
    I am highly impressed with the information you have been sharing with all the Principals/teachers. I am a retired Principal from NTPC Dadri PROJECT. I want to point out that please tell your data entry operator to check the spellings, especially when these are on a global web site. Please check the spellings of STATIONARY. This word has been typed wrong at least five times. I think it should be STATIONERY. I know you know the difference. A very small oversight.
    Secondly, the Principal of a CBSE affiliated school must undergo compulsory training for checking accounts, administration, audit, banking, how to check the school-inventory every year. Preferably the school-management may make arrangement and facilitate him/her to undergo the State’s Education Course like in Haryana, its H.E.S in Karnataka, its KES et cetera/ or arrange special training in school organization, as sugggested. I wish I could meet you and see your school. You have really been doing a commendable job.
    With a lot of love and regards,
    At present I am stationed at Bangalore otherwise I must have made it a point to visit your school. I have pursued my teaching career of forty five years in Private Public Schools starting from Don Bosco School, Dehradun in 1967.

  2. Vishal Jain

    January 30, 2012

    Regards to you Mr. Dutta,
    Thanks for your inspiring and motivational words. We will surely keep in mind to check the spelling errors.
    Actually this work and site is totally non commercial and I do it in whatever time i get so sometimes there are some errors left but we will ensure correct spellings and language hereafter.
    Vishal Jain

  3. Sudhaa Sharma

    February 19, 2012

    Dear Vishal ji,
    Please make it clear whether we can run school without affiliation or not. ( Though I am aware that according to RTE we strictly can’t) but For issuing NOC , NOC proforma demands available strength of students so Joint Director of education makes a sudden visit and inspects scholars’ registers, teachers records, salary details substantiated by bank transactions, PF , etc etc etc… Now that means school is already running without affiliation! On the other hand admitting students in schools without affiliation makes students’ status null and void from the very beginning.. Isn’t all this confusing and contradictory according to RTE norms.What if NOC is NOT issued in the process in one session or more by some reason and what if in between parents demand Transfer certificates , report cards or other documents from the school authority! How can school issue any legal document before Affiliation? I discussed this with Joint Director of Education, Meerut too and I am afraid she was answer less. Wondering how and why authorities act so irresponsively that they even demand strength available in school without affiliation in proforma and for physical verification too! Should not NOC be issued only considering Infrastructure of school! How can CBSE neglect this fact? Please correct me if I am wrong and enlighten in this matter.
    Thanks and Regards.
    Mrs. Sudha Sharma
    Vedantic International, Aminagar Sarai, Baghpat.

  4. VK Tyagi

    February 19, 2012

    dear Sudhaji,u r right wtevr u i wd like to inform u dat no school can be run without affiliation.noc is applied wn u r running ur 7th class wd affiliation of state govt.

  5. Sudhaa Sharma

    February 19, 2012

    Thats what my question is !! What is the status of students then? Can we issue Transfer certificates ,Report cards or any legal document on students’ or their parents demand before affiliation!( Even if our NOC claim is rejected the problem remains very much there since they asked you to take students on roll) !!

  6. VK Tyagi

    February 19, 2012

    @[100000368470880:2048:Sudhaa Sharma] firstly u apply for upto 5th class from ur state govt dan for matter wts the strenth bt then u can issue tc.u hv to submit 3yrs audit report also so u hv to show the students.without affiliation u cant issue tc.

  7. Sudhaa Sharma

    February 19, 2012

    Sir its not mandatory to have state govt recognition at the first place .In case we do,we require to get it cancelled formally before applying to cbse ! Then what for? Why to pay additional money to state govt. when it will have to be cancelled later on!Moreover why would any student like to study Hindi medium books under state recognition when they choose for cbse syllabus actually? i want to know why authorities cant understand a simple fact and a matter of pure common sense that strength is not needed at the first place for a newly constructed school !It has to be only and only infrastructure which ought to be checked. In case some school is already running under state govt. recognition and later it decides to convert into cbse affiliation then its ok to inspect for strength.

  8. Sudhaa Sharma

    February 19, 2012

    Even ABSA plus other officers who visited my school for state govt. recognition recently(as u said ‘state board recognition’ for the time being)wanted students strength and other details very much like Joint Director.l… All are confused…. :]

  9. Sudhaa Sharma

    February 19, 2012

    Vipin Sir,why dnt u raise this question before your DAV management committee too? This is very important since it gives clerks and officers full opportunity for bribe and non sense undue pressure over schools.

  10. VK Tyagi

    February 19, 2012

    @[100000368470880:2048:Sudhaa Sharma] yes,absa authorised to visit for inspection whether ur school affiliate or nt.

  11. Sudhaa Sharma

    February 19, 2012

    He indeed is ! But why do they demand students in campus ? We cant admit students before recognition/affiliation afterall !

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