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(My Childhood Games And My Early Education)

Project paper submitted by (Rakesh Sharma, Principal, Sh. Brahamrishi Vidya Mandir TAROARI ,     




Education is a process of empowerment , betterment, unfoldment and development of individual’s innate qualities and capacities to maximum possible extent and enables him to be socially useful developed individual.

                                       B. What a learning is:-

Learning is the modification of learner’s behavior to desirable extent and direction.

C.  How learning can be made joyful ?  

By making teaching-learning process participatory and associating it with joyful activities like games

  1. D.   Importance of play – way approach :-

Students voluntarily, actively and joyfully associate themselves in teaching learning process

  1. E.   Nature of games in present-project :-

Non –classified ordinary regional games which the children have been playing in their courtyards before their schooling has been  started or in the early days of their schooling.

  1. F.    Number of Games:-

Total number of 155 games have been enlisted ,out of which 53 Games are in practice in

this project

  1. G.  Basic requirements and characteristics:-

–  Identification of Games 155 (53)

– Analysis and selection of learning units.


      -Time table, redefined .


-Class room ,redefined

-Classes , regrouped

-Role of teacher redefined

-More emphasis on peer-tutoring.


-Self evaluation and self correction

-Principales of readiness , exercise and effect

-Voluntary participation of the students .

-Holistic (development of cognitive , conative and affective domains harmoniously and



-Conceptualization of learning units.

-Prior preparation of teaching-learning aids as per the nature of games and learning units.

-Documentation – CCE

-Students as decision makers

-Discipline – redefined.



– Identification of Games

–          Analysis and selection of learning units

–          Associating of learning units with some games

–          Reframing of the time-table

–          Regrouping of classes

–          Selection of activities

–          Selection of place and time

–          Selection of the leader in a group (in rotation)

–          Games in play and learning in operation.

                  –  Teacher functions as a facilitator-briefing the process of game along with

learning units

–          Leader of the group controls the whole process of playing and learning.

–          In between the Process Teacher helps whenever They deviate

–  Teacher helps in comprehensive documentation.

–  Summarization and Analysis of learning.

Scope and Limitation:-

–          All subjects and learning units in the curriculum from nursery to grade III

–          In some cases it can be extended up to grade X .

–          Holistic (cognitive , conative  and affective in a balanced and harmonious form.)

–          It can further be extended with the extension of implementation of more games and more learning units.


 –            The children involve in the teaching – learning  process voluntarily, actively and  joyfully.

–          The problems of absenteesm , truancy and drop-outs have altogether been solved .Students try to sustain in the activities even after and before the school hours without caring for the presence and absence of the teacher .

–          The holistic and comprehensive development in all the personality        domains of the learners are explicitly and  implicitly visible.

–          The learning is as quicker as three times than traditional approaches.

–          The learning units are fully conceptualized and internalized.

–          The concepts of peer –tutoring and self-learning with self-evaluation are practised successfully.

–          The learners sometimes propose to cover some more units of learning in a particular activities themselves.

–          All the learning units of classes up to grade III can easily be imbibed and learnt through these games .

–          In some cases of languages, learning environmental studies and Mathematics, the learning can go to any higher level successfully.

It may rightly be concluded that the process of teaching through childhood games has been proved to be a great success and may result into  revolutionary, innovative pedagogical intervention in the field of  teaching -learning process, especially at earlier stages.


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