e-Classrooms of Today: The Quality Requisites.

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e-Classrooms of Today: The Quality Requisites.


An e-classroom as a hub of Quality Education has come up of late with lamination of Innovation in Classrooms with time and tide. Scratching heads and making the designs with the pen or the pencil in the class is actually a common sight in a classroom of today if it is not mounted and reflected by the sense of e-effect, the electronic fur in the classroom. The distraction in the classroom otherwise is expected to roll out with particular launch of the spectrum towards working or phasing out the teaching and learning environment.  What evaluates out of this methodology is the systematic approach towards working for the better to deliver the good out of the best.

As a matter of fact, the very use of technology in classrooms is changing everything from the way pupils learn and the way teachers teach, to the way parents and teachers communicate.  There has to be an updated  broadband connection to the Internet in order to make it possible for  growing schools to provide the Quality Base and Information of Learning with a comic effect which further details the information towards the liking of the children in particular.  The emphasis is on the requirements which promotes the Smart  Learning  Environment  which offers the students and the staff access to all the resources, online storage and communications tools they could ever need – not just during the school day, but beyond it too. As a matter of fact, further  the New technologies go way beyond paper-and-pencil to enable children to express themselves textually, graphically, numerically, aurally or visually but also to allow children to discover new ways to collaborate and learn.

The requirements in addition, as we know of observation, the overall, learning today is much more interactive than it used to be. On priority, the very Learning has had  become significantly richer as students have access to new and different types of information, they can manipulate it on the computer through graphic displays or controlled experiments in ways never before possible, and they can communicate the results of their efforts to teachers through a variety of media.  We need to involve them, make them a learning partner and above all explore their creativity further. New ways of obtaining and presenting information have given students powerful new ways of analysing and understanding the world around them, and research also shows that children who use technology to support their learning are more motivated and engaged.

With clarity and congestion, practically, Education is increasingly infused with media content, which can distract students by leading them into too many conflicting directions at once, discouraging their commitment to any one path. Teaching ethics and international relations in the classroom without borders is a commitment to our growth as human beings in a world in desperate need of humanity during a time of moral crisis.

Classrooms today are more diverse than ever before.  The same cannot be said about text books, curriculum, and lesson plans.  Teachers must design lessons that are accessible to all students and reflect their diversities. One has to as well, explore different approaches to traditional learning systems and find out how to implement new strategies to engage students in lessons.       The teachers of the new age of Demand and Liking need to be open to ADAPTING, Being Visionary towards perfection, Collaborating of choice and energy with sharing of routine operations towards betterment at ease and fraternity keeping the audience in mind. He or she needs to be having a modeling behavior, must be leading, open to taking risks and above all keen to learn. In addition the Quality Educator also models tolerance, global awareness and reflective practice, whether it is the quiet, personal inspection of their teaching and learning process or through blogs, twitter and others.

All children have the right to equal educational opportunities. By employing innovative ideas, elementary schools across the country can set the foundation for secondary and college educators to continue gender-neutral practices that will level the playing field for all students.     TEACHERS need to deal with perfection and excellence through CONNECT which implies towards………….


C          : Creating

O         : Opportunities

N          : New

N          : Networks

E          : Experiencing

C          : Collaboration

T          : Teaching


Also with this the students learning must be looked at through the Identification of strengths and learning needs. One need to monitor the student’s progress and provide the feedback timely so as to explore the corrective action to it.

In a nutshell a Quality Educator needs to preface of the following with the children to be popular viz: Acknowledge, Investigate, Emphathize, Adjust, Set Goals, Set free and Celebrate. The teacher is a unique teacher, a Quality Educator when he gives the children something to take home to think about besides homework. The teachers further need to give the children the ability to work and do the job with the best of mode possible. They need to as well impart the ability to find and use information with critical discrimination in order to build knowledge. The initiative must be to Learn Together, Network Together and Grow Together. As above all the fact remains to ponder over as “ Today’s Students are no longer the people our educational system was designed to teach”. This is the GOOGLE GENERATION and is very hard to satisfy unless or until it is celebrated and honoured with recognition.  One hence needs to INSPIRE, Explore and above all Innovate. The priority must be on Every Student to be a Critical Thinker, A problem solver, an Innovator, an effective collaborator, an effective communicator, a self directed learner, must have a complete literacy towards Information and Media Literacy, globally aware and above all Financially and Economically Literate. The aim should be to promote our students to be effective 21st Century Citizens.


Dr. Dheeraj Mehrotra *

Former Principal, De Indian Public School, New Delhi (INDIA)


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