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Teaching is a sacred job that has to be done with every sense of responsibility. It is a calling and should be done with the deepest level of commitment. To be a good and successful teacher requires passion, aptitude and training. In my experience as a teacher for more than a decade, I have observed that a good teacher will always be remembered by the students or pupils he has taught.
Teaching with the heart will always leave indelible mark on the heart of the students. Below are some of the attributes that by experience and practice, I have seen make a good teacher :
*Exhibits Enthusiasm – a good teacher will naturally exhibit passion for the job. Students can feel the excitement and can easily detect the teacher’s love for the job and the subject. This is because whatever you are not excited about, you cannot excel in it.
*Highly prepared – A good teacher is thoroughly prepared for the class. He knows the subject matter and prepares his lesson plan daily. Preparation precedes good performance. When a teacher is poorly prepared, he fumbles, gets agitated and delivers the lecture haphazardly.
*Always punctual – a good teacher always arrives on time, begins and ends class on time, expects and encourages students to arrive on time. We have heard of teachers who will tell students not to enter their class after they are in the class when they also come late for the class. A good teacher must as golden rule lead by example.
*Supports and cares for students – a good teacher lets students know that he/she cares about their success, takes time with students, allows for creativity, he is friendly and courteous, he is supportive and encouraging, he is smiling, caring, and loving. As teachers we must be conscious of the fact that we are not slave masters, the students are human beings that should be loved and put in the right frame of mind if learning will be productive.
*A good teacher is consistent – He does not miss class, he is consistent in attitude and dealings with students, is always well prepared to teach class. A good teacher cannot afford to be flippant.
*He is Polite – Treats students with respect, does not condescend, and avoids embarrassing students in class. The fact that you have the capacity to discipline the students does not mean you should be rude to them.
*Firmness and control – Is firm in a kind manner, avoids tangents in teaching and makes sure that the students are always falling in line while still maintaining an orderly classroom.
A good teacher is a model all the time whether in the classroom, at the playground or in the neighborhood.


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