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May 2011
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  1. Top 10 to do’s for teachers during summer vacation


    Teaching is a wonderful profession for those who feel the call to it. One of the benefits of teaching is that the summertime is a break for the teacher, right along with the students. Although most are still typically on the payroll, and may be required to fulfill certain tasks, but there is also finally time to do the things that they never seem to have the time for throughout the school year. The following are the top 10 to do’s for teachers during summer vacation.

    1-Catch up on some reading that you’ve been wanting to do. Most teachers enjoy reading, both for learning and for pleasure. It’s that stack of relaxing books that has sat gathering dust through the school year, so take some time this summer to delve into a few of them and just relax while you’re at it.

    2-Attend a teaching seminar plus teacher training programme that is pertinent to the subject(s) or grade level you teach. There are always new things that teachers can learn to make their job more intriguing, successful, and rewarding. If you take one out of town, you can even turn it into a well-deserved vacation!

    3-Catch up with friends and family that you haven’t been able to keep in close contact with during the busy school year. Write some letters, send some emails, make some phone calls, and arrange some times to get together during the summer vacation.

    4-Create a scrapbook of the year that has just passed. Teachers meet new children every year and often, these children are loved and cared for by the teacher. Having a lasting memory like a scrapbook will allow you to cherish these memories for years to come.

    5-Spend some time in your classroom, taking care of needed repairs and doing some cosmetic remodeling.There is nothing like a coat of fresh paint, nice window treatments, and updated cabinetry to make your students feel welcome and to enhance the time that you are spending in the classroom with them. Many school districts are tight on funding, so you may be able to do some of this work yourself. It’s worth the “sweat equity” you put in, with the amount of your time that is spent there, to make things nice and appealing.

    6-Host an end of the year party for the students who have completed their academic year with you, as well as their families. You can make it potluck style so that you aren’t providing all of the food and hold it in a local park or other open spot outdoors. Make this a day that is all about fun and celebration! No studying allowed!

    7-If you would like to earn a little extra income during the summer, this is a great time to do some private tutoring, childcare, or camp counseling. Since you are already experienced with children, these are excellent opportunities for you.

    8-Summer is the perfect time for teachers to do some work around their own homes that they’ve been wanting to do. Yardwork, gardening, interior decorating, and remodeling can be completed in the summertime and enjoyed the rest of the year.

    9-Assess your methods of teaching and the effectiveness of them that is showing through in your students’ grades and other accomplishments. If you pinpoint certain areas that are working well, you will know to keep those, and if there are areas where there are struggles, you can gather information about teaching methods that may be more effective.

    10-Take a vacation, even if it’s only a short one that’s close to home. You deserve it and you will be better able to begin the new school year when you are doing so after a time of relaxing and refreshing.

    Teachers are indeed called to their profession. While there are wonderful moments as a teacher, it is not an easy career choice whatsoever. Teaching is full of reward, but it can also be full of challenges and heartbreak. During the summer vacation, teachers need to do some things for themselves, as well as for their careers, keeping everything in a healthy and happy balance. This will help them to be the most effective instructors possible, enhancing the lives of students year after year.

    Victoria Tiegert

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