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September 2009
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  1. Volume 2 Month 9 Day 20 – CBSE new grading system


    I attended the Principal’s Conferenece convened by the Independent Schools’ Federation on Grading System of Evaluation at Classes IX & X level and Optional Board Exam at the end of class X. It was hosted by Birla Vidya Mandir at Nainital.

    I am sharing the details with you, perhaps it may be useful for you and other educators at large.

    The session continued from 12:00 noon to 4:45 p.m. with lunch in between at 2:00 p.m. and snacks & tea at the end.


    The Principal’s Conference was on Grading System of Evaluation at Classes IX & X level and Optional Board Exam at the end of class X.


    The session was an interactive session with presentations by Mrs. Sadhna Prashar and Mr. R.P.. Sharma, both Education Officer of CBSE, Delhi , with queries / doubts / suggestions / ideas of the Principals.


    They said that CBSE in a fortnight will upload on its website the Teacher’s Manual and Guidelines for School Based Assessment and Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation which will provide:


    ·         Detailed information and planning organization and implementing the CCE Scheme.

    ·         Information regarding the assessment procedure.

    ·         Methods of recording, interpreting and using the data of various aspects of learner’s growth.

    ·         Awareness regarding tools and techniques of formative and summative assessment.

    ·         Model Report Card.

    ·         CCE circulars and filling up procedures.

    ·         Blue print in various subjects for summative assessment.

    ·         Question bank in various subjects for summative assessment.

    ·         Various queries and FAQs on the scheme.  


    They have planned to conduct training programme of Principals and Teachers in school based assessment scheme of CCE from October to December 2009 at various places throughout the country.

     There is no change in the exam pattern and evaluation system for the present class X (2009-10) students, taking their board exam in March 2010, except that these students will get their result in terms of grade and not in terms of marks. There will be no class X board exam after 2010. It will be optional, on demand on-line or pen-paper at the wish of the students and requirement in case of changing school or board.   

     Some highlights of the new system are as follows:

                    1.       Classes IX-X is divided in two semesters each i.e. from April to September and October to March.

    2.       The focus is to reduce anxiety, stress and the peer pressure of the students which builds up in the students at secondary level when they are assessed only once through one-shot examination.

    3.       It will result into higher level of learning due to timely diagnosis of learning gaps and remedial intervention.

    4.       It will help students to develop holistically in terms of different domains of their personality.

    5.       The rating scale will be of 9 points for scholastic and 5 points for co-scholastic, life skills, attitude & values, physical & health etc.

     They provided us a draft copy of the Evaluation Report of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation Certificate of School Based Evaluation fro Classes IX-X, Session 2009-11. This will be finalized by them and printed copies will be available from CBSE stores on payment. These Evaluation Report is to be maintained by the schools for individual student of IX-X and be sent to CBSE after the exam conducted by school at the end of the session in March 2011 for signature and seal at CBSE Regional Office concerned. When CBSE returns these, it will be liability of the school to get it laminated and issue to the students for their lifelong use.

     Summing up the session, the Chairman, CBSE spoke at length and strongly advocated of the scheme and urged the Principals to accept, co-operate and implement the same in larger benefit of the learners.     

     Since the scheme has already been declared by the Ministry of HRD and CBSE has agreed to implement it from the current session, the schools have no option but to follow the guidelines accordingly from the current session itself, irrespective of the fact that half the session is over and so many schools have finished their First Term / Half Yearly Exam or are in the process of finishing it.

     Please find in attachment, printed materials provided by CBSE during the conference.

    Download : CBSE New Grading System

     Thanking you,



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