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March 2009
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  1. Innovate to Educate


    Innovate to Educate

    One of the easiest things to do in our country is to find faults in our system. It becomes even easier when we talk about education system. Everyone has an opinion along with huge recommendation list. Let’s face it straight, its not going to be easy for us to change the whole education system per se. However, we can start the change at the grass root level. We need people who can innovate at their own place and create a better system while being in the system. We usually refer such people as “edupreneurs” , educational entrepreneurs.  ( The definition of entrepreneurs intended here is the one given by Peter Drucker “ ;entrepreneur is one who innovates profitably.” [ Source : Harvard Business Review]

    Edupreneurs should always try to come up with better practices and methods to impart education in most effective ways. Some of the guidelines suggested below can be used as a starting point for innovative ideas:-

    1.)    Learn from the past :

    India has a rich history. Our gurukul system was very effective. Our universities like Nalanda have been recognized world over even hundreds of years back.  If we can study the models and practices used in our past and adapt them to our present, we can get a better future. Many experts might argue that the world is so different today that old model might not suffice and we need to come up with new teaching models for our new generation. I agree, but that doesn’t mean we neglect the best practices from past. Today, we have completely neglected our past and living up with the education system created by the English people. We need to innovate and past can show us some light to do that.


    2.)     Learn from the contemporaries :

    Secondly, we need to look around to see which countries have better methods and practices and how are they tackling various challenges in education. For instance recently it was discovered that kids of Finland are smartest of all kids. [Source :  – WSJ’s Ellen Gamerman reports. ]

    Can we study the model used in Finland and learn from it? There are many other such practices that are followed in different places in world that have proven effective. Can we learn from them and create an innovative system for our own education system?


    3.)    Research based innovations :

    Initiatives like formation of NKC (National Knowledge Commission,in ) can go a long way in creating a better education system through research based innovations. We need to research the loop holes and setbacks thoroughly and find the best solution and model.  Older system cannot just be dragged any further. We need a better system and research can play the role of a catalyst in creating a better education system.


    These are only three ways of innovating to educate, however there can be many more. We just need to start thinking. We need to commit ourselves to create a completely new system that is highly effective and competent. We need to encourage the edupreneurs, support and motivate them.

    Education forms the building block of any nation, can we leave our foundation week and outdated Or shall we start innovating for a better tomorrow?

    Shashi Bhushan Singh


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