How to reach Nationals in Sports ?

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How to make your students reach in Nationals in Sports

Recently I had got an opportunity to interact two good coaches from DDPS Ghaziabad, Vibhor and  Manoj Kumar who came in the CBSE cluster level III Table Tennis tournament organized by Shanti Niketan Vidyapeeth. These coaches trained there students to reach on the top position. Here is the summary of the interaction. The points might not be in the order but you shall get complete information.

1.       Select 30-40 students who are interested to play the game. Their age preferably should be 10-14 years

2.       Take trials and recognize who all have an inclination

3.       About 20-25 students should be selected.

4.       Basic strokes, holding racket, ball grip, back hand, free hand etc. Should be explained.

5.       Instructors guide with Rules and photographs of various strokes could be downloaded from

6.        Wall practice to be organized to enable them learns to hold the rackets.

7.       After basic is cleared spin, services to be taught. Refer Instructors guide.

8.       Proper physical fitness should be organized.

9.       Body movement on table should be taught to move back, forward, left and right.

10.   Free periods , music, library, assembly, art, games, recess, diary period, arrangement periods should be allocated to the school team to learn the game/ training in proper sports kit as they are targeting nationals and time is limited as student stays only in between 7-2 in School.

11.   Meet RSO, Stadium officer / Incharge, sports officer of the distt. For the secretary of the sport distt. Association.

12.   Distt. Tournaments should be played by the students to come in Distt. Team.

13.   Distt. Teams plays the state tournaments.

14.   Uttar pradesh has  5 State ( Inter Distt. ) tournaments for the ranking of players.

15.   1st 8 students to get points-for ex. Winner 100 points, runner 80 points, semifinalists -60 points, quarter finalists 30 points.

16.   Points accumulate and top 5 points teams represent and play nationals.

17.   A team has 4 players and all players should be good, amongst them 3 play in a game of best of 3 or 5.

18.   In national also there are 5 interstate tournaments for the team to be selected for International tournaments – Asiad, Olympic, etc. and the players are also ranked here.

19.   National can only be played by only top 8 rank holders

20.   CBSE organizes cluster level tournaments and winners of each category ( under 14, 16, 19 ( boys and girls) plays Nationals of CBSE.

21.   National Categories are under 14, 17, 19 and seniors for boys and girls.

22.   Coaches should be chosen as played nationals, played state. The coach should be a national rank holder or a state rank holder else he would be unable to make a team who can play in Nationals.

23.   Diet should be proteins and minerals like milk, chana, black grams, banana and apple.

24.   For the player targeting nationals 8 hours play is necessary.

25.   Racket selection – pimple rubber for defensive and plain rubber for normal strokes and spins.

26.   1 year average cost on a player shall be about 30 thousand.

27.   Robots costing about 50 thousand should be used for training.

28.   Concentration, hand eye coordination and decision power increases with playing of TT.

29.   Body movement increases.

30.   Good in sports shall be good in studies.

31.   Weak students in academics should also be chosen as they shall at least do something.

32.   Games playing should be started at the age of 3 years.

33.   China has started developing team for 2020 Olympics

34.   Several CD are available for step by step guidance for training.

35.   The complete rules book could be downloaded from

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