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  1. A profile of Indian Education System


    India, with more than a billion residents, has the second largest education system in the world (after China) . Experts estimate that 32 percent of its  current population is under the age of 15. But counter to the image of India as a youthful engine of economic growth where many urban- based citizens work in
    some of the best technology-centered jobs in the world, males in India complete just 2.9 years of schooling on average, females just 1.8 years . And for the small proportion who do persist through primary and secondary schooling, the quality of instruction varies widely, depending on the region of the country and whether one is enrolled in a State-supported public school or a fee- based private school . Despite the highly inefficient delivery of public services, high levels of teacher absenteeism and non- teaching activity, many Indian students remain motivated to succeed on the college entrance exams .The high level of competition for entry in to the Indian Institutes of Technology, the Indian Institutes of Management and other top institutions is enough to spur millions of students to achieve at remarkably high levels, particularly in the areas of science and mathematics . The increased demand for higher education is not currently being met only ten percent of the age cohort is actually enrolled in higher education . But in a country with such a large population, ten percent enrollment amounts to 9 million students, resulting in 2.5 million new college graduates a year. These numbers driven by the private sector opportunities abroad, and increasingly, back in India, will continue to ensure India prowess in delivering high-quality technical manpower.

    Download : Eduction system



  2. My Teachers

    My Teachers       27/May/2008 : – I was always fortunate and blessed to have one or two great teachers during every phase of my educational period between 1936 – 1957. Evolution of the oath has resulted from what I have experienced and what I have felt and grown through... Comment
  3. Connecting Classroom Walkthrough to High Yield Strategies

    What is Classroom Walkthrough (CWT)? A focused version of “Management By Wandering Around” Support for administrators in their roles as instructional leaders, mentors, and coaches A method for collecting data to detect trends and patterns in teaching and learning A means of providing individual, small group, and school-wide reflection According to... Comment
  4. Answers of High Scoring Students of 2008 Examination – CBSE

    Answers of High Scoring Students of 2008 Examination Class X Subject Question Paper Answer Sheet Science Question Paper Answer Sheet Social Science Question Paper Answer Sheet Mathematics Question Paper Answer Sheet Hindi Course A Question Paper Answer Sheet English Language & Literature Question Paper Answer Sheet English Communicative Question Paper... Comment

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