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  1. Volume 2 Month 6 Day 27 – Promoting Classroom Interactions Using Mobile Devices


    How can use Mobile in learning?

    M-learning offers a powerful and practical solution to many learning and training challenges, such as: as a classroom alternative to books or computers, (promoting to use the mobile devices in the classroom), increasing the interaction in the class room. Lecture can sending short note or question to student, and receive answering by using the SMS, students submit solutions of the exercises in the form of text or photo messages, and students receive instant feedback about the solutions. This is method is very Sophisticated.
    Mobile devices are small; they can often fit in a pocket or purse. Unlike laptop computers ( expensive ,and heavy).mobile devices ( low-cost , lightweight , and work for a long time) .The small screen size of mobile devices makes some people question, how use mobile in learning? Some of mobile devices have good audio capability, allowing students to listen to a narrated lecture, rather than read material from a book. However can be attached mobile device to a full-size folding keyboard that entering large amounts of information every bit as fast as it is with a conventional computer. What is students want? easy access to teachers and support staff, tools to communicate with other students, Prompt processing of their assignment. What staff need: Awareness of available technologies, more tools and time to provide educational support, less time on administrative tasks, more effective tools for communicating with students and off-site teachers, all of these Requirements can be solving, by using mobile services in the near future.


    The are some of techniques that provide by mobile devices, such as:
    1. SMS: text messages.
    2. MMS: multimedia messages (including the Mobile camera).
    3. VoiceXML: dialogues over the phone.
    4. WAP, MiniBrowser: a collection of technologies letting you browse websites from small
    Screen devices.
    None of these technologies is particularly rich by itself, but I suggest collecting these techniques in one device.


    exploratory study: to determine the feasibility of using the mobile in the classroom, that is necessary to study the factual situation to determine whether this method is feasible or not feasible, for example there are lecture in one classroom, the lecturer using mobile tool for teaching, some of the processes happen through mobile devices such as: asking some questions ,and Statement Some notes , students answer the questions through SMS or MMS, or other services provided from mobile devices, and observed the interaction and participation of students within the classroom. Ultimately be submitted questionnaire for students to know their views in this new technical, this is the best method to know the opinion of students about this technique.
    Comparison between laptops vs. Mobile devices:
    Which is the best use of mobile phone or laptops in the classroom? Mobile devices is small, light, inexpensive and works long hours ,and can be placed anywhere, but a few techniques used such as short message service and Multimedia Message Service , but this method Currently not Promoted ,unlike laptops (costly, heavy, and short battery life, and can not be placed in anywhere), but it contains many Techniques use in education.

    Discussion and Recommendation:

    With the developments in the field of information technology in this days, in my opinion becomes possible to use the mobile devices in learning. This tool has become important to employment in the classroom and so for several reasons, the students had not preferred the traditional methods in the classroom in room such as textbooks and board and pens…etc.
    Must be there a new way to attract the attention of the students inside the classroom.
    So i am thinking that using mobile devices in classroom make a new situation, Attracts attention of students and lectures. And graduate the better students.
    I am predicts in the future that will be many changes happen in learning. to follow the latest techniques in learning, from these techniques the Mobile devices, mobile device not Keep in the current structure but will be developed to the better structure, to be used in all fields in the near future, particularly in classroom, I expect the structure of the new mobile like this specification the memory size becomes bigger than current size, (increase storage power). And provide keyboard to the Mobile devices to facilitate the data entering, in the near future I expect that the Lectures will be given through use the mobile devices (classroom With Mobile devices). Students are got study plans, and questions, and notes via mobile devices. Becomes not need to carry books and papers and bags, but only carry the Mobile devices in the new format.
    I also saw there is a little of studies Include the mobile devices in the learning. Because this method is not promoting by television or newspaper, these the important challenges, and must study this idea heavily to Face challenges in the future.
    really a good idea ” use the mobile device in the learning”, it have some advantages such as shortening the time, increase the interactions in the classroom between students and lecturer, text messaging is fast and convenient for short answer and multiple choice problems through the SMS and MMS, There are similarities between the PDAs and mobile devices, but the personal digital assistant have many options.


    The mobile application really is very important now, in all Areas of the world, in the education, company’s, and organizations, but must developed the idea to become a strong in this a day by the promoting the idea, this idea Interested learning materials from short videos through the mobile devices and short notes through SMS to increase the interactions
    I recommend practice the idea (use the mobile technology in classroom).to increase activation and interaction in the classroom to both of student and lecturer, and i recommend increase the research in this idea, and make promoting of the idea in the all of media in the world, and use the idea in the education to increase the effectiveness in the learning. And use the mobile technology in the management as appropriate to manage the tasks and department schedules, to increase productivity.
    Mobile phones are an attractive alternative, and most students already possess them, and they have capabilities to use mobile devices, mobile are small enough and easy to use in the classroom. Educational technology can broaden and enhance the use of mobile techniques to active learning in large classrooms. I recommend to system designers of mobile devices to Continue development of the mobile to increase communication in the classroom, and the total appropriation for the Mobile devices to conduct lecture in the future, really the mobile techniques will become in the first rank of technology, that used in learning, to facilitate the education and development in all branches of learning such as: school and university. I expect that the objective of this study is to increase the interactions in the classroom.
    Finally, the importance of the adoption rate of technologies should be considered; in a classroom environment where only few students have laptops, and the classroom is equipped with a one computer often, so the mobile techniques is the only solution in my opinion to solve the problem , and increased the interactions in the classroom.
    Bindu sharma


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