January 2018
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  1. Cognitive Erudition plus ‘Three Level’ thinking bolstering Education


    Abstract – Education in modern world faces the challenge of ever-increasing volume of knowledge. Knowledge faces an explosion with internet resources discharge with ease of access to new researches and discoveries. The student society rather the learners are poised to face the discomfort id consolidating this bulk of knowledge. Cognitive science equipping us with tools and methodologies of modern learning help conquering such a challenge. This paper proposes a solidified cognitive methodology to improve classroom experience using lateral approach. The viewpoint we try to define is from the learner as well as trainer’s side, as identified crucially under the principles defined by DALE CARNEGIE’S in his principles to be an effective and virtuous trainer. Cognitive science is vast and has various intricate angles one which we try to bring focus upon is ‘Problem Based Learning’, which has been explored widely for logic building. Work proposed here is based on the brain structuring which is identified in its virtual functional capability. The essence of proposed method is to endow a learner with realization of vast mental capabilities to endure volumes of knowledge and stay abreast. Standards specified here require fundamental knowledge of surrounding environment. Applications of such method may also help in mining techniques for smarter educating methodologies.

    Download : Cognitive Erudition plus Three Level thinking bolstering Education

    Akhil Mangla
    Dept. of Computer Engineering.
    Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering.
    Pune, India
    Parikshit N. Mahalle
    Dept. of Computer Engineering.
    Smt. Kashibai Navale College of Engineering.
    Pune, India

  2. Anything School Can Do You Can Do Better

    Marie Mullarney Marie Mullarney taught all eleven of her children at home until they were eight or nine. Neither she, nor her husband had any teaching experience when they began but, influenced by the writings of Maria Montessori, they and their children discovered the delights and rewards of learning at... Comment
  3. Higher education system should have a human face –Prof K.B.Athreya

    Professor K.B.Athreya a luminary academician at Iowa State University U.S.A. and Visiting Faculty IISc Bangalore   visited   Rani Chanamma University Belgaum  and delivered series of lectures at various institutes  in the city. He spent  some time at the Mathematical Science Institute Belgaum(MISB)  expressed his views on the deterioration of Pure Sciences... Comment
  4. Destinations for downloading E-Books..

    by Vishal Jain Comment

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