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  1. Universities for Research and Innovation Bill 2012


    The Universities for Research and Innovation Bill, 2012 was introduced in the Lok Sabha on May 21, 2012 by the Minister of Human Resource Development, Kapil Sibal. The Bill seeks to allow the central government to set up Universities for Research and Innovation through notifications. These universities shall be enabled to emerge as hubs of education, research and innovation. They may also establish campuses in foreign countries.

    The key objectives of the universities are: (a) to aspire for attaining the pinnacle of knowledge by innovations in design; (b) to attempt through research to provide a path for mankind free from deprivation; (c) to provide society with innovators to meet its knowledge needs; (d) to be transparent in admission, appointment and academic evaluation; and (e) to build linkages with research institutions and industry.
    The universities shall determine the standard of education it will be providing and display the information on its website. If there is a dispute between the university and a statutory authority, it shall be referred to a committee consisting of a nominee of the statutory authority, a nominee of the concerned university and a nominee of another university of research and innovation. The decision of the committee shall be final and binding.
    These universities shall have autonomy in matters such as awarding degrees and diplomas, appointing teaching and research faculty and determining fees to be paid by students and salary to be paid to the faculty. It can define standards of admission to the university.

    Universities for Research and Innovation Bill, 2012



  2. Islands of Autonomy without Accountability

    Islands of autonomy without accountability JANDHYALA B. G. TILAK Given the experience with private universities in India, the unlimited freedom the Innovation Universities Bill guarantees them is surprising Following the recommendation of the National Knowledge Commission, the government expressed the desire to set up 14 world-class universities in the country. But... Comment
  3. SOE Global Education Awards

    SOE is an organization committed to raising benchmarks in quality education. SOE, recognizes, publicizes and award outstanding contributions in the school/ higher education sector in Indian managed school. Instituted by SOE, SOE awards are being supported by AICOI ( felicitating intellectuals for more than 31 years )these awards are an effort to ensure that quality in education is brought into focus. This will motivate educators and provide a platform to showcase leadership in the education sector. Comment
  4. President of India on Elementary Education

    Dnyaneshwara, the great Marathi saint, described education as knowledge poured from one heart to the other. Our society has always valued the importance of knowledge, learning and scholarship. The ancient Indian system of guru-shishya parampara is one that illustrates the traditional approach of holistic education, where it moves beyond the... Comment

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