June 2017
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  1. Checklist – Leaving Job


    CHECK LIST – Leaving Job

    1. Teachers diary to be collected
    2. Text Books of the classes taking to be taken and handed over to new teacher taking those classes.
    3. NOC from
      1. Library
      2. Accounts for advance etc.
      3. Department head / In charges
      4. Vice Principal
      5. Principal
      6. Lab
      7. Canteen
      8. Sports – any equipment etc.
      9. Mess
      10. Computer Section
      11. Director / management
    4. Test papers and marks to be collected – All marks lists
    5. Tests marks to be entered on computer and to be verified by
      1. Examination Head
      2. Vice Principal
    6. Sample books to be collected
    7. All workshop papers to be collected
    8. Class students notebooks to be collected and a report to be made by vice principal to checking of them
    9. Time table to be collected
    10. Locker keys
    11. If a Class teacher then
      1. Attendance register
      2. Cupboard keys
      3. Notebooks
      4. Charts
      5. Project reports
      6. Confiscation of foreign items like pen, mobile etc. from possession of students
      7. If some money is collected from students for tour, competitions etc.
      8. Password of Computer software
      9. Remark book / suggestion book
    12. Keys
    13. Any stationary of School
      1. Letter heads
      2. Pen  ( Red / Green )
      3. Registers
      4. Envelopes etc.
    14. Registers of activity / sports etc.
    15. Advances to buy something by anyone
    16. Handing over the charges specifically
      1. House in charge
      2. Committee in charge etc.
    17. I Cards
    18. Apron / Teachers uniform
    19. Tests copies
    20. Class wise syllabus completion report
    21. Mobile
    22. Vehicle keys and possession
    23. Details of any financial loan taken by any department
    24. Stock registers
    25. Tape recorder, electronic appliance, CD, Tape, Cassette, Camera, Floppy, Pen drive, etc.
    26. Event / activity record files
    27. Admission query
    28. Pending Parents complaints if any
    29. Students details
    30. School diary
    31.  A signed copy of all completion of all above
    32. Any students belongings
    33. PTM records

  2. Checklist – Functions

    CHECK LIST – FUNCTIONS 1.       Meeting of cultural committee to finalize the details / programs. 2.       Chief guest and Guest of Honor a.       Finalizing the name b.      Invite c.       Invitation letter d.      Follow up reminder 3.       Preparations of duty chart, duty assignments and arrangements 4.       Information to welcome committee members.... Comment
  3. Job Description of Administrator

    Job Description of Administrator   The  Administrator will be the Chief Controller of the School.   Reporting Officer The  Administrator will report directly to the Principal.   A      General Administration 1.    Establish proper control procedures for purchase and issue of stores. 2.    Daily monitoring of inventories and annual... Comment
  4. Duties of Admission Clerk

    Duties of Admission Clerk   1.     Informing the deadline for submitting documents such as Fees, T.C., Medical Fitness Certificate, Birth Certificate, Blood Group, Transport & indemnity certificate etc. 2.     Informing of the purchase of books, uniform etc. 3.     Entering the Student data in the Student dossiers. 4.     Entering Admission Details... Comment

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