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  1. 10 Ways To Increase Your Brains Learning Ability

    • Look and Listen Some of us find it easier to absorb auditory rather than visual information. Reading information out loud while reading increases the chance of better remembering it later, since we use more than one modality to code.
    • Write, don’t type Typing your notes into the computer may be great for posterity but writing by hand is better for your brain. The simple act of holding and using a pen or pencil massages acupuncture points in the hand, which stimulates ideas.
    • Shake a leg Lack of blood flow is a common reason for lack of concentration. If you’ve been sitting in one place for awhile, bounce one of your legs for a minute or two. It gets your blood flowing and sharpens both concentration and recall.
    • Eat breakfast A lot of people skip breakfast, but creativity is often optimal in the early morning and it helps to have some protein in your digestive system to feed your brain. A lack of protein can actually cause headaches.
    • Listen to music Researchers have discovered that certain types of music are a great key for recalling memories. Information learned while listening to a particular song or collection can often be recalled simply by playing & quot; those songs in your head.
    • Mind-map it Need to plan something? Brain maps, or mind maps, offer a compact way to get an overview of a project and they allow you to easily add details. With mind maps, you can see the relationships between disparate ideas and they can also act as a receptacle for a brainstorming session.
    • Keep a journal This isn’t exactly the same as a notebook. Journaling has to do with tracking experiences over time. If you add in visual details, charts, brain maps, etc., you have a much more creative way to keep tabs on what you are learning.
    • Take a hike Changing your perspective often relieves tension, thus freeing your creative mind. Taking a short walk around the neighbourhood may help.
    • Focus and immerse yourself Focus on whatever you’re studying. Don’t try to watch TV at the same time or worry about other things. Anxiety interferes with the absorption of information and ideas.
    • Set a goal Prepare yourself by whatever means necessary, and hurdles will seem surmountable.

  2. Emotional Intelligence: A Toolbox for Success

    by Marilyn Price-Mitchell PhD Are you raising emotionally intelligent children? Is your child’s teacher building a culture of social and emotional intelligence in the classroom? What methods are working?   Emotional intelligence has become a popular term since Daniel Golemanauthored his book with the same title in 1995. Several decades of research not only confirms... Comment
  3. Reducing Homework Stress

    By Lori Lite Just say the word homework to most teens, children, or parents and watch their whole mood change as every cell of their mind and body heads into stress mode. Holidays, weekends, and downtime is a great time to have a new look at how you and your... Comment
  4. What to Expect in Kindergarten Math

    By Amy James It’s hard to believe that your baby is growing up and doing mathematics! Math is a big part of your child’s day in kindergarten. Your child will be exploring, experimenting, counting, sorting, and explaining. Young children often have trouble with symbolic concepts. For this reason, the early childhood classroom... Comment
  5. How to Be Best in Academics

    Being best in academics can unlock a lot of certificates for your C.V. It’s better to start getting them know for a scholarship in Harvard A good degree gets a good job 1 Set targets. Always know why and what your working for and why. As well as get motivations. Mostly try... Comment
  6. 10 Reading Apps for Kids Who Hate Books

    From fairytales to Harry Potter, you’ve tried everything to foster a love of books in your reluctant reader, but he still prefers his Wii to curling up with a childhood classic. It’s time to throw your old motivational tactics out the window. Today’s technology brings together the fun of video games... Comment

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