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  1. QUIZ


    Quizzing in Education

    It makes the Process of learning more interactive, student friendly and effective. Quizzing makes them more confident, enterprising, responsible caring and more communicative. It our (educator’s) duty to take all these forward. These are few guidelines for the educators to prepare young quizmasters.

    Always remember 3R theory – Read, Record and Recall pioneered by Neil O’Brien The Father of Quizzing in India.

    Give the knowledge which is compartmentalized. Students tend to lose interact if many chapters on same subjects are dealt with at a sketch.

    Make it friendly by informal discussion during every lesson.

    The stress should be on oral work. Get them think, tick or cross, say yes or no and communicate with you and each other. If they do not communicate or say and speak their mind it would be effect less.

    These should be on matters of interest and importance – first in India and then around the world.

    It is important that we should encourage our children to be aware of important happenings and people in and around their immediate surroundings.

    Encourage them to be interested in the important things happening around them.

    Keep them on their toes – these should be updated as and when necessary.

    Keep giving them mini quizzes related to current affairs.

    Do not ask them to learn spellings of difficult words – these are for their oral vocabulary only.

    With all these keeping in mind we can make the students learn the lessons beyond the class-rooms into the real world. Hone them to have their communication skills and become more confident and self reliant.

    Rachna Monga
    S.P.P.S. Convent School
    Begowal (Punjab)


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