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August 2018
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  1. Human Resources in Indian Schools


            Human Resource In Indian Schools


    The number of Schools in India is increasing each day which is a very good news.

    The Schools and educationists are trying to reach every city , town and village.This will perhaps change the face of the nation as it is very important for India to have each and every citizen educated..The Educated Citizens make a country prospersous .Each child has a right to be Educated ..


    The bad news is lack of Good Human resource in Schools.


    The Human Resource in Schools has not been organized and given importance as in Corporates.The Schools are facing Problems in recruiting good staff. Being in HR we receive calls from various Schools of India for Principals and Teachers.We have been fortunate most of the time and to our credit we have recruitments of many Principals and Teachers in various Schools across Globe.


    But we are not fortunate all the times. It  is disappointing when we are not able to provide suitable faculty to School.  There is a huge demands of teachers and the supply is less. The demand of teachers  is going  to double in next 5 years.


    The Big question is:


    Why are we not able to attract Talent to Schools??

    Why is young generation attracted to other Industry rather then Education when it comes to  choosing career options??



    What steps should be taken by Schools to have Quality Staff –


    1. Revise the compensation– As compared to workers in Corporates, educationists are  still far behind.The salaries are very less in Education Industry.We need to recognize the Education Industry and give it its due.
    2. Spread Awarenss amongst the youth -Attract Young Blood towards education industry.They need to understand that becoming a teacher may not be glamarous but this is one of the  best ways to contribute to the society.
    3. Retain Good Employees– Retaining plays a key Role in success of any Institution and thus becomes a crucial task. If the means to curb attrition could be identified it can save lot of time ,money and energy spent on additional Recruitments.’New Role Offerings” is a key route to curb attrition. An employees Growth and                     Development Opportunities are the right tools to curb attrition.So apart from making a teacher just teach usual lessons in Class every day give them additional responsibilities .. .
    4. Knowledge Exchange-The Leaders should spend a great portion of their time giving their learnings to others and in turn receive knowledge from their employees.Through this we can create organsisations that can foster this knowledge exchange resulting in smarter organsisations.
    5. Support an Employees Development and Career Progression – This can be done by introducing  the    following in your School


    Regular Training Opportunities

    Challenging Work Assignments

    Job Rotation

    Regular Feedback and Review sessions

    Regular mentoring programms 


    1. Have  proper HR departments in Schools-Most of the Indian Schools donot have a HR Department. HR Depts should be established  in Schools and  should have a strong Human resource Team.The team should be dedicated to advancing student achievement by recruiting and employing the highest quality staff.They should also take care of :


    • Manpower planning
    • Appraisals
    • Orientation and Induction
    • Training and Devlopment
    • Greiveance handling
    • Retention
    • Exit interviews
    • Employee welfare

     Manpower planning in schools is a very important exercise which very few schools understand.The Schools  nowdays don’t just require staff or teachers but educators and professionals who can organize the entire process. We dont have just Classrooms and teachers now but we have so many other activities and  we need specialists to handle the additional tasks and meet the international standards the Schools want to reach..


    Research indicates that workers have four prime needs:

    “Interesting Work, Recognition for doing good job, Good pay and being let in on things that are going on in the institute.”





    Anju Dhawan  


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