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July 2018
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  1. Classroom arrangement is most important


    The set up of a classroom is very important to how a classroom is being managed. The teacher needs to make sure his/her classroom is arranged for the students to be productive. The teacher also needs to make sure their classroom has a positive environment for the students as they enter the classroom. Another key fact a teacher needs to consider is that their classroom needs to be ready for learning everyday. This is because in order to manage a classroom with proper discipline, a product and active classroom set-up is important. The students need to be placed in an arrangement that will keep them focused on the lesson and not deter them from learning. In this paper, we will discuss and provide ways for a lower elementary classroom to be set up.

    Classroom Arrangement

    Our map shows the classroom is arranged in centers. The students will sit in groups of six in four different groups. The reasoning behind the groups is that the students will be able to learn how to work with others. The students will also be able to motivate each other to do their work. The desks are arranged in the middle of the classroom so it will allow the teacher to walk around the room freely. Plus the teacher will be able to control the students in a more compact area. The setting of the desk will also help students to stay on task.
    Reading Corner
    In the corner of the classroom is a “cozy” reading nook which will contain the classroom library. This area will provide a “home” feeling and help the students to feel relax when they are in this area. The reading nook will also be a place for students to go to when they have completed their work and want to read a book in a cozy are. If a child is able to feel at home in the reading nook this can cut down on behavior problems for the teacher. In the reading nook, this area is a quite place. The reading nook is not located in the same area as everything else in the classroom. By having the reading nook in the corner of the classroom, it will help to promote reading in the classroom.

    The listening center and computer station will be placed on the outside of the classroom. The centers will be facing the walls because the students will be rotating to the varies centers within the classroom. Plus, while students are at their centers they will need to be able to concentrate on their work. Also, located on the outside of the classroom are the storage areas for Science, Math, Art and Writing materials. This storage area allows the students to have a centrally located area to receive and place materials for Science, Math, Art and Writing. Plus, this area will help the teacher to keep his/her classroom organized.
    The student’s desk will also serve as centers. During center time students will be able to move around the whole room to gain information. At each group their will be a different theme for students to learn about. By having the centers on both the inside and the outside of the classroom will enable the teacher to focus the students’ attention to their center activity instead of just rotating around the room. This will keep the flow of the classroom and will not give the students time to mess around maintaining classroom structure and discipline.
    Teacher’s Desk Location
    The teacher’s desk is located in the back of the classroom. The reason of this arrangement is that this will help the teacher to promote a student – centered classroom. By having the desk located in the back of the classroom the teacher will have full sight of his/her entire classroom at all times. Plus, the teacher will only use the desk for paper work. The rest of the time the teacher will be in the same area as the students.

    Print Rich Environment
    Not only is the arrangement of the desk important to the classroom but the motivation the classroom has to offer the students. To have a print-rich-environment, the teacher needs to have posters and signs that help to promote literature in the classroom. By having posters and signs on the classroom walls and bulletin boards will help the students gain a great deal of experiences with the different types of literature. Plus the students can do a read around the room, while sitting in the reading nook. By providing a print-rich environment, the students will be placed in a positive learning atmosphere that promotes learning thus preventing classroom misconduct.
    In conclusion, the arrangement of the classroom is a very key part of how well the students will learn and interact with their classmates and their teacher. If a classroom is disorganized and clustered, then it will be kind of hard for a child to work and learn new skills. Plus, the teacher needs to take time to make sure his/her room is set up for learning because no matter how well your lesson plans are completed and ready to be presented. If the students do not feel comfortable in the room then the lesson plan will be presented in a way the teacher wanted it to.

    Debbie Cluff


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