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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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August 2018
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  1. Volume 3 Month 3 Day 26- Educational Reforms


    Today, it has become a big requirement of the country to make the education system more rational, meaningful, more convenient, and more palpable to mind, more conducive, friendlier. Today, the education has become a mean to eliminate self. It has been wiped out by making mandatory provisions of subjects and uniform system of education. Therefore, there is an urgent need to revamp the education system in India. Our education system requires many reforms to be done. According to me, some of the urgent reforms are as following:

    • Education should be incorporated in such a fashion that it catalyzes the natural growth of cognitive faculty.


    • It should be based on aptitude of a child and a common syllabus should be avoided.


    • The number of books and subjects must be reduced. Up to class sixth only four subjects should be there: English, Mother tongue, Math and Science and after sixth Social studies should be included.


    • The initial grading and result system should be eliminated.


    • Up to class fifth the medium of instruction should be in mother tongue. This removes the dichotomy of dual language.


    • There should be an All India Teachers Services (AITS) to provide better incentive and status so that quality people can be attracted.


    • The training of AITS should be very scientific to equip them with the expertise to read the psychology of their pupils.


    • All fields of higher education should be linked with the vocations so that there is minimal educated unemployment.


    • Higher education should not be subsidized but financed so that only interested students can take up the education. The non-serious students cannot make it a favourite pass time.


    • The education content must be scientific in nature to stimulate growth oriented outlook towards life.


    • India has structural unemployment, which means that the jobs are available but corresponding skill is not matched due to lack of proper training and facilities. Our students lack soft skill development. The globalization will further intensify the process of structural unemployment. Education must be geared to meet the challenges and onslaughts of globalization.


    • Digital divide is one of the greatest threats to a balanced society. In order to bridge the gap one must take measures like (a) the procurement and installation of computers in every Panchayat and Taluka and it should be connected with nationwide networks; (b) the development of software in local languages to provide local information; (c) well designed CD ROMs to provide basic education to all ages and both genders and (d) extensive programmes at local level to provide effective training for computer use.


    • Autonomy should be given to the institutions like ICHR, CABE, and NCERT.


    • The inferences of Ministry of HRD should be minimized.


    • The curriculum should be decided by a collegiums consisting of scholars, educators, specialists and social workers.


    • A streamlined regulatory system is needed to regulate the courses.


    • Teacher training programmes should meet the requirements of present times and more serious attention should be given to develop expertise. A holistic approach should be kept in mind while preparing teachers.




  2. Volume 3 Month 1 Day 31- Overcoming Difficulties in Research by Being a Good Researcher

     Difficulties in Research Research is a complex task that requires great skill and knowledge. It is a big responsibility that requires great effort from researchers. Many factors affect the research and it is conspicuous that researcher would face some difficulties while conducting a research on a particular problem. Research problems... Comment
  3. Volume 3 Month 1 Day 29- Ten Common Characteristics of Good Teachers

    It is true that different teachers have different teaching style. However, there are some common characteristics of a good teacher. These are as follows: 1.     Good teachers plan their session/lessons thoroughly, with regard to not only curriculum requirements, but also taking account of health and safety factors, stimulating a positive... Comment

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