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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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December 2018
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  1. Try to stay calm and relaxed


    There are three major characteristics that a good teacher needs:: (1) good interpersonal relations; (2) be able to relate to students’ needs; (3) professionalism

    * Good Interpersonal Relations

    1. Promotes student sharing and collaboration-A good teacher will promote good relationships among the students by encouraging collaboration and sharing. S/he will promote pair and group work in the classroom. A good teacher knows that students must take responsibility for their own learning and therefore encourages them to contribute to the class experience.

    2. Classroom management-Effective classroom management is an essential part of a good teacher’s role. Discipline has to be dealt with along with personality conflicts. Establish rules and expectations the first day. The rules should be clear, concise and administered fairly and consistently. Students need to take risks in order to learn, therefore the good teacher will create a comfortable, positive and secure classroom.

    3. Good student and co-worker rapport-S/he will have good rapport with the students which means knowing their names, being attentive and responsive to all students and setting boundaries for appropriate behaviors. It is important to know and show concern for each student, not just those who are the brightest, the most vocal or with behavior problems.  A good teacher is enthusiastic about his/her job and goes about it in a dynamic, confident manner. S/he must also be able to work well with other teachers, supervisors and administrators. Appearance is important as well. Never let students sense that you are angry, frustrated or confused and never openly get angry with students. Try to stay calm and relaxed.

    * Relate to Students’ Needs

    In order for learning to take place the teacher must be able to help the student understand the purpose of the lesson and to relate to the students needs. Different individuals have different learning styles so the teacher will need to adapt the teaching to the learning style of the student. Lessons need to be devised in a way that will reflect what is known about learning strategies. It is also important to promote self-learning skills in order for the student to be able to learn independently. There are social, psychological and personality factors that affect learning. The good teacher will be able to identify and respond to these individual student factors. S/he will never belittle a student because everyone deserves respect no matter what age. S/he will always look and act in control but will not threaten students.

    * Professionalism

    A teacher is a professional and needs to act accordingly. S/he is willing to seek and/or accept feedback from colleagues and supervisors. A good teacher is able to express him/herself clearly in oral and written communication. One needs to identify any factors which help or hinder their development as a teacher.As a professional the teacher will comply with the policies, procedures and requirements of the particular school in which s/he is teaching. Punctuality, reliability, appearance and behavior are all a part of professional conduct. Appropriate relations are to be maintained at all times with students, colleagues, the institution and the supervisor.Teaching is hard work. The better prepared the teacher is, the better the outcome. College classes will prepare the teacher in the subject(s) to be taught, but experience is what it takes to become a really good teacher. (8)

    Annalou Mack


  2. Innovative classroom management tools

    Effective classroom management strategies are essential for successful teaching and learning. Organized lesson plans and exceptional teaching skills are ineffective without quality classroom management.  Teachers, who implement the following techniques into their management system, will find they have created a well-functioning classroom in an environment conducive to learning and teaching.... Comment
  3. Tips:classroom discipline and management

    Effective classroom management strategies can ensure a pleasant teaching environment for the entire year. Conversely, poor classroom management may lead to a difficult class and a year that drags on. These tips will get you well on your way to creating a positive environment in your classroom. as the teacher... Comment
  4. Teacher tips: Reading aloud

    Reading aloud to children is an art (1)   Pinkali Chatterjee Reading aloud to children often comes very naturally to most parents and teachers. But to make the children listen, enjoy, participate, feel interested and understand, the simple act of reading aloud has to be perfected by love and attention... Comment

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