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  1. You Can Put Anything on a Timeline


    You can create your own timelines! Timeline generators allow you to create timelines on any topic you can imagine. They also let you add information in different formats such as video, audio, text, and images. A timeline is a unique interface for presenting information; it can even serve as a shared knowledge base when students and instructors continuously update it.

    These service providers offer free timeline generators and will host your timelines.

    TimeGlider http://timeglider.com/

    TimeGlider is  “a data-driven interactive timeline application built on the (Adobe) Flash platform.” It is used by the New York Times as a way to display the results of an article search. TimeGlider developers are working on a Plus version based on feedback from educators and students but the current application is free.

    TimeRime http://www.timerime.com/

    TimeRime invites users  to “create free time lines and share them with the world.” Developed by a Dutch company, TimeRime also offers an Educational version that can be purchased and supported locally so that access to content can be restricted within an institution. The web interface that displays publicly accessible timelines also allows users to rate them, leave comments and use a keyword search to find timelines with a particular theme.

    Dipity http://www.dipity.com/

    Dipity is a free timeline generator that claims to be in the alpha stage of development. Each point in a Dipity timeline opens a window with tabs for video, pictures, description and comments. Dipity offers widgets that pull in videos, images and updates from other sources automatically and connects to social networking sites. And if you want a different view – Dipity can display your timeline as a list, flipbook or map.
    As with all externally hosted services take copyright and privacy into account before submitting course-related content that may be publicly available as a condition of using the service.

    Vishal Jain


  2. Multi-age classroom

    Multi-age classroom. Mostly this means that the class contains students from two grades.  Sometimes it can mean that there are three grades in one class.  One of the best classes I ever taught was a ‘three grade’ classroom.  When a class is evenly divided between two or more grades the... Comment
  3. 10 Tips on How to Write Less Badly

    Most academics, including administrators, spend much of our time writing. But we aren’t as good at it as we should be. I have never understood why our trade values, but rarely teaches, nonfiction writing. In my nearly 30 years at universities, I have seen a lot of very talented people... Comment
  4. Play and Developmental Stages of a child

    Birth-18 months Almost all neuron (nerve cells) are present at birth but most are not connected in networks. The connecting process (synapse formation) is rapid during this year, with brain activity becoming closer to adult than newborn by 12 months. Areas of greatest growth are sensorimotor, visual cortex and later... Comment
  5. Resources For Gifted Children

    Parents of gifted children know raising these kids is both a blessing and a children. This page contains two essays which provide valuable understanding of how to provide the support and guidance needed by gifted children. The page also contains links to resources including organizations, recommended books and stores selling... Comment
  6. Basic Debating Skills

    * What is a debate ? * What is a topic ? * The Definition * The Team Line * The Roles of the Speakers * What is Matter ? * What is Manner ? * What is Method ? * Rebuttal * The Marking Scheme CONCEPT: A DEBATE. A... Comment
  7. How to be Proactive

    ‘Be proactive’ is the first habit of effectiveness as rightly laid out in the famous book ‘Seven habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen R. Covey. We have also often heard ‘old habits die hard’. The primary reason being we identify these habits (good and bad) as part of our... Comment

    INTRODUCTION All over the globe EDUCATION has been considered as one of the important components of CHANGE, MODERNIZATION and DEVELOPMENT. So countries are trying to make education more effective by introducing and using the latest appropriate technology as per their capacity. It reflects that people are not very happy with... Comment

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