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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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July 2018
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  1. Job Description of Administrator


    Job Description of Administrator


    The  Administrator will be the Chief Controller of the School.


    Reporting Officer

    The  Administrator will report directly to the Principal.


    A      General Administration

    1.    Establish proper control procedures for purchase and issue of stores.

    2.    Daily monitoring of inventories and annual physical stocktaking.

    3.    Maintenance of Fixed Assets Register.

    4.    Overall supervision of Boarding Houses, Academic Buildings, Gardens and Grounds and Office.

    5.    Security of Campus

    6.    Arrangements for all School functions and Society meetings.


    B       Maintenance

    1.    Ensure proper maintenance of all buildings, furniture, equipment and grounds.

    2.    Monitor daily maintenance work executed by maintenance department.

    3.    Ensure continuous water supply and electric power.

    4.    Ensure daily general upkeep of campus.


    C       Personnel

    1.    Maintain service records of all employees.

    2.    Institute proper service rules for all categories of staff.

    3.    Sanction leave as per rules for all administrative and Class 4 staff and maintain up to date leave records.

    4.    Handle all matters of show cause notices, charge sheets, enquiries etc.

    5.    Handle all staff welfare matters and have a properly constituted staff grievance committee for Class 4 staff.


    E       Liaison


    1.     Maintain close liaison with local authorities useful to the school’s smooth functioning.


    Transport Department


    ·       List of Buses with their Numbers

    ·       Bus Timings at various Stops

    ·       Route-wise list of students with bus-stops.

    ·       Class-wise list of Students using Bus facility

    ·       List of Staff with address & Cell No.

    ·       Attendance Register of students, using Bus facility.

    ·       Attendance Register of Bus Staff (Drivers & Conductors)

    ·       List of Teachers availing Bus facility

    ·       List of staff on Bus Duty.

    ·       Bus-wise Income & expenditure Report.

    ·       Bio-data / copy of driving license of drivers. 

    ·       Cell Numbers and address of drivers / contractors

    ·       Route Map of (Bus Ply) Sonepat.

    ·       Maintaining files for Challan, Road Tax, Route Permit, Insurance, verification of driving licence.

    ·       Ensure proper buses are hired from reputable contractors for transport of students

    ·       Make Rules and Regulations for the proper transportation of students from home to School and back in safety including carrying out test of drivers and helpers to ascertain their competence.

    ·       Ensure routing of buses to suit maximum number of parents.

    ·       Ensure proper maintenance including cleanliness and appearances of buses by carrying out, through an officer, a daily visual check of all buses and school vehicles.




    1.     Maintain Inventory Report at the beginning and end of every academic session

    2.     Maintain Central Stock Register

    3.     Supervise the security functioning

    4.     Supervise the cleanliness in the school (Charts to be made)

    5.     Maintains the stock & store of the school.

    6.     Supervise the class 4 staff.

    7.     Security Attendance Register

    8.     Maintains Petty purchase process / entries made thereupon

    9.     Complete responsibility of Gen-set service, Gen-set log Book, Oil consumption Record, date-wise Time consumption (in hours) etc.

    10.   Maintains record of material supplied to support staff for cleaning (phenol, broom, duster etc)

    11.   Photocopy Records (date-wise)

    12.   Keeping previous year’s school records.


    Main Gate


    1.     Security Attendance Register

    2.     Record of Permission Slips & Gate Pass

    3.     Visitors Slips (School & Hostel)

    4.     Check-in / Check-out Timings of Support Staff

    5.     Check-in / Check-out Timings of Buses

    6.     Security In-charge will be responsible for check-out of support staff & maintaining contact with the reception.

    7.     Log book for the material going out from school.


    Duties of Administrative Officer


    1.     Transportation Management

    2.     General Administration

    3.     Supervision on Accounts

    4.     Supervision on Purchase Process

    5.     Stock Register / Inventory Reports

    6.     Liaison  with Govt., Semi- Govt. Departments & District Administration

    7.     Security System Management

    8.     Campus Cleanliness & Beautification

    9.     Repairs & Maintenance

    10.   Supervision on School Property

    11.   Supervision on Admission Procedures



    General Administration


    1.     He should reach / report one hour before the commencement of the school.

    2.     He should make random checking at the gate to ensure that

    v  All buses are coming on time

    v  All support staff are coming on time

    v  All security is functioning well.

    3.     He should verify cleanliness of premises (pro-forma should be affixed at main entrance of every toilet.

    4.     Attendance File of all support staff – to reach the school head.

    5.     Task Appraisal Report of Support staff viz., Electrician, Carpenter, Plumber, Gardener etc.

    6.     Repairs & Maintenance monitoring. 


  2. Duties of Admission Clerk

    Duties of Admission Clerk   1.     Informing the deadline for submitting documents such as Fees, T.C., Medical Fitness Certificate, Birth Certificate, Blood Group, Transport & indemnity certificate etc. 2.     Informing of the purchase of books, uniform etc. 3.     Entering the Student data in the Student dossiers. 4.     Entering Admission Details... Comment
  3. School Reception – Duties of the Receptionist

    Reception Maintain Record as under:   1.     Telephone Register 2.     Complaint Register 3.     Daak Register (Receiving) 4.     Daak Despatch Register 5.     Purchase Requisition / Indent Register 6.     Issue Register 7.     Material Receipt Register 8.     Despatch Register (Material) 9.     Class Attendance Registers 10.   Staff Attendance Registers (Academic & non- Academic) 11.  ... Comment
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