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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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March 2019
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  1. Volume 2 Month 6 Day 25 – TEACHER DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (GTDRI Assessment Instrument)



    The purpose of the Teacher Duties and Responsibilities Instrument (TDRI) is to describe the expectations for teachers in addition to the teaching tasks outlined in the GTOL.

    A.     Follows professional practices consistent with school and system policies in working with students, students’ records, parents, and colleagues

    1.   Demonstrates communication and interpersonal skills as they relate to interaction with students, parents, other teachers, administrators, and other school personnel

    2.   Is available to students and parents for conferences according to system policies

    3.   Facilitates home-school communication by such means as holding conferences, telephoning, and sending written communications

    4.   Maintains confidentiality of students and students’ records

    5.   <![endif]> Works cooperatively with school administrators, special support personnel, colleagues, and parents

    B.   Complies with rules, regulations, and policies of governing agencies and supervisory personnel

    1.      Complies with state administrative regulations and Board of Education policies

    2.      Adheres to school and local school system procedures and rules

    3.      Conducts assigned classes at the times scheduled

    4.      Enforces regulations concerning student conduct and discipline

    5.      Demonstrates timeliness and attendance for assigned responsibilities

    6.      Provides adequate information, plans, and materials for substitute teacher

    7.      Maintains accurate, complete, and appropriate records and files reports promptly

    8.      Attends and participates in faculty meetings and other assigned meetings and activities according to school policy

    9.      Complies with conditions as state in contract

    C.  Demonstrates professional practices in teaching

    1.   Models correct use of language, oral and written

    2.       Demonstrates accurate and up-to-date knowledge of content

    3.       Implements designated curriculum

    4.       Maintains lesson plans as required by school policy

    5.       Assigns reasonable tasks and homework to students

    6.       Participates in professional development opportunities and applies the concepts to classroom and school activities

    D.      Acts in a professional manner and assumes responsibility for the total school program, its safety and good order

    1.       Takes precautions to protect records, equipment, materials, and facilities

    2.       Assumes responsibility for supervising students in out-of-class settings

    3.       Demonstrates appropriate personal contact while in performance of school duties

    E.      Assumes a role in meeting the school’s student achievement goals, including academic gains of students assigned to the teacher

    F.      Observations of the teacher by the principal and assistant principals, in addition to those recorded on the GTOI during instruction, at other times as appropriate

    (Other duties and responsibilities prescribed by local school or system such as, but not limited to: lunchroom, homeroom, hall, playground and other advisory duties)

    Bindu sharma


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