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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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July 2018
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  1. Ethical Principles for Teachers


    Ethical teachers should respect the following guiding ethical principles:
    1. Respect for human dignity
    o Speaks and acts towards all students with respect and dignity; and deals judiciously with them at all times, always mindful of their individual
    rights and personal sensibilities.
    o Respects the dignity and responsibilities of cooperating teachers, peers, principals, parents and other professionals or para-professionals within the school, school board and community.

    2. Respect for vulnerable persons
    o Respects and recognizes ethical obligations towards vulnerable persons. This principle recognizes that students are in a vulnerable position and that teachers are in a privileged relationship with students and their families and will always refrain from exploiting that relationship in any form or manner.

    3. Respect for confidentiality and privacy

    o Respects the confidential nature of all information related to students and their families and will share such information in an appropriate manner only with those directly concerned with their welfare.
    o Respects the confidential nature of all information related to all school  personnel and will share such information in an appropriate manner.

    4. Respect for justice
    o Respects and recognizes the right of individuals to be treated with fairness and equity and the importance of avoiding conflicts of interest.

    5. Respect for safety of students
    o Respects the right of individuals to expect that teachers will engage in practices that aim to ensure the physical, psychological and emotional safety of students.

    6. Respect for existing ethical codes and professional standards
    o Respects the authority, roles and responsibilities of the cooperating teacher and agrees to adhere to the responsibilities and obligations for teachers as outlined in the Education Act, Faculty and University handbooks as well as all local agreements by host school boards and schools.

    7. Balancing harm and benefits
    o Acknowledges that any potentially harmful practices (eg. Science Labs and Physical Education Activities) must be balanced with anticipated
    benefits and conducted in a prudent informed manner.


  2. Guide to Action Research in Schools

    Action Research in Educational Perspective is a disciplined reflective enquiry in the context of focused and systematic efforts to enhance our understanding of educational policies, practices, interventions and programs and to generate and sustain improvements in schools –Terry Spencer Action Research facilitates change in classrooms and schools; empowers individuals via... 1
  3. Manager V/s Leader

    Wisdom vs. talent The majority of nowadays modern companies are more administrated (managed) than leaded. According to some of the different characteristics we can create the following list: Manager Leader He manages wisely the resources Innovator, discovers new opportunities Maintains the economic balance Develops new activities Is interested in systems... Comment
  4. Book writing offer for authors , teachers and Principals

    School of Educators invites Authors / Teachers / Principals to write book on following topics.. Teaching and Learning at Schools Classroom Delivery Skills for School Students Distance Education for working teachers Instructional Skills curriculum development for Senior Secondary Schools curriculum development for Kindergarten Secondary Schools Learning disability Physical education in Schools... Comment

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