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  1. required to have good command of communication


    I wished to become a teacher – a knowledge transmitter – when I was young. Knowledge here is unlimited which includes not only general one but also life experience and other fields. Actually being like my fifth grade class’s head teacher, who is liked and respected by almost of her students & colleagues, is my dream until now. She is not very beautiful but gentle and smart. Also, she is so friendly, heart-opened and patient when talking & helping to her students as her friends. The characteristics can probably be found at other teachers however the way she expresses is so different and touchable that can make people trust her.  She is not the only good teacher I knew. How lucky I am as I have had a lot of chances to work with so many good teachers on my learning path. I found that they have some common things as below:

    1. Passion

    You cannot do anything completely & successfully without passion that is one of the valuable lessons I was taught by all of them. Passion is required much more on person who pursues teaching career. How to describe how important the role of teachers, who will help young generations have good attitude, enough knowledge and make right decisions during their life, is. Is the recent mentioned work done by teachers easy? Of course, it is absolutely not at all. They perform their work as a father, mother, sibling and real friend does, which is much more than a mission. Hence passion is one of the most crucial characteristics required from a good teacher.

    2. Communicator

    Communication is the unique and best tool to understand & exchange knowledge and experience. A good communicator is the person who has ability & flexibility to express their ideas, opinions to different listeners & learners effectively. Conversely, they should have high listening skill in order to being aware of their students’ issues so that both they can achieve good results when working with each others. Firm relationships & good co-operations always are developed on mutual understanding. To get the above advantages, a good teacher is required to have good command of communication.

    3. Motivator

    So many students are impressed by at least one of their teachers, recognized as a good teacher because he helps them to discover their advantages & disadvantages; exploit and develop them as much as possible and encourage them to re-stand up after failures as well. People do not assess you via your weak points & failures but they will laugh at you when they find no improvements done by your own – another valuable lesson got from my teachers, which helps increase my energy & determination whenever I feel I am about to be lost. Have you ever been extremely surprised on your gifted talent which you have had no any ideas but ignited by your teachers? If yes, I know with the certainty that you understand why I recommend this characteristic as required to a good teacher.

    4. Sense of humor

    This characteristic is not a must of teachers however it is attributable to discrepancy between a teacher & a good teacher. Whatever subjects the teacher takes – from mathematics, chemistry, biology, history or others with completely theories – he always can lure & attract us to his lectures via pretty humorous examples closed to involved theories. An expert in this skill, the teacher will not worry if his students can catch contents of lectures, interest on the subjects and desire to take part in the classes anymore.Congratulations to everyone who possess the above mentioned good qualities. However, it does not mean that you are good teachers as you still lack a lot of other basic requirements for a good teacher like well-equipped knowledge but I know you will be if you really want. Let strive with me! (9)

    Dieu Huyen Cai
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