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August 2018
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  1. IPOD, ITOUCH, NOKIA, – with Students Yes/No

    Should IPOD, ITOUCH, NOKIA, IMATE, O2 etc. etc.  be allowed in Schools ???
    A big question with BIG NO as the answer…
    But if you rethink…Lets try it other way out..
    Have Wi-fi connectivity in your school / home costs USD 70-80 ( Rs. 3000-4000 ) or even less. A broadband Internet connection … monthly charges 10-15 USD ( Rs. 250 – 700 ) per month unlimited usage ( BSNL supplies broadband connection with a WiFi router Free with Rs. 250/- PM for unlimited usage )…open videos on iphone, itouch, windows mobile, all Desktop PC, Laptop etc.  ,,,,, browse / search  any topic of Science, Mathematics, Geography, English, EVS, History, GK, etc. and get variety of options..Let the students play the video and the concepts shall be cleared very well…
    Isn’t it amazing..All the above gadgets could be misused by children but with a different vision we can make our students avhieve high academic goals..
    Students love to use these gadgets and they shall use it even if you say why not set the direction for them let every learner do things wisely..
    Hats off to technology..
    Please do write your views about this acticle on

    Vishal Jain
    Dear Mr. Vishal Jain,
    You have just seen one aspect of the coin. The point you have put forward is right but what about the miss use of the technology. We have a Internet facility for all the students free of cost all 6 six days during and after the school hours. when this was introduced it was thought that they will use it for creative purposes. but the result was just opposite they never used it as we thought. Near about all of them are just interested in orkut, free songs, Clips of Cricket matches and all other useless stuff. This is just one small part of the story. students are frequently caught watching prone sites or playing games on the Internet.  they are downloading good amount of software which is bringing good amount of virus in the network.
    My school’s computer In charge is fed up of cleaning virus and formatting systems.
    All the systems that we have applied have to stop the miss use have failed. students were able to crack Firewall password( as ignorant school teachers were using the Internet too)
    This all is happening when they all are sitting in the computer lab and accessing the net. imagine a situation when they are free  to use Internet in any corner of the school. How will you stop them? they will have their own devices which will mean a total control less system.
    Please rethink. Technology is important but control use of technology is the key.
    Kendriya Vidhalaya Rajkot
    Dear Sir,
    I understand the difficult situation you must be facing at your end. Sir, Students are always destructive by a right computer teacher could take them to constructive levels. Bad catches Bad faster and so students move faster towards misuse of powerful Internet.
    Wikipedia is a example of the freedom over internet where anyone can edit any page and still millions of right pages are there contributed by unknown users..without misuse ot it.
    A right motivation and some checks could create a difference in childrens thinking and their progress. 
    I shall not deny your part..Lets hope for the best.
    Adoloscence education n Life skills education to the students could solve some of the problems too.
    Vishal Jain

    Dear Mr. Jain

    First of all I do offer you my heartiest thanks for giving me the scope to have my say out on this interesting topic.

    Of course we should allow the children to handle their gadgets. I never believe in saying the word “no” and imposing external restrictions on the youngsters. Shouldn’t education aim at enabling the children adjust with new situations and circumstances? They must learn to adjust with the problematic and troublesome situation of having the adverse effects of misusing their gadgets. They’ll have to feel the bad sides first, and then they themselves will say “no” to their desire of misusing those blessings of technology.

    With thanks

    Shankar Das


    Hi Vishal,
    Great idea but more often than not, all adults have to seek help from teenagers to operate most of these gadgets. Please arrange for a training programme for educators about the use and misuse of these gadgets and may be then we can allow students to carry them to school.
    Seema Sapru
    I write my views about this article. I must say “yes” becouse these are the new inventions and I hope all the student use this inventions to inhence the knowledge. Those student who use bed activities, you can not change thire mind to stop useing IPOD or etc.
    Amit saxena
    Dear vishal,

    Thanks for suggestions.They indeed are useful.
    Though students have developed a fantasy for these gadgets.I think parents needs to be convinced against use of  these gadgets by their childern and making them readily available leading to exploration of these by the childern and often misuse.Use of such gadgets inthe school should be probhibited for both teachers as well as students.


    Dr Sanjeev Jain


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  4. Reading

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