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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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April 2019
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  1. Mnemonics – Memory Techniques


    The following are examples of techniques you can use to memorize important information.

    When to Use It:



    For information involving key words

    Acronym – an invented combination of letters with each letter acting as a cue to an idea you need to remember.

    BRASS is an acronym for how to shoot a rifle– Breath, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze.

    For information involving key words

    Acrostic – an invented sentence where the first letter of each word is a cue to an idea you need to remember.

    EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FUN is an acrostic to remember the order of the G-clef notes on sheet music– E,G,B,D,F.

    For ordered or unordered lists

    Rhyme-Keys – a 2-step memory process:

    1. Memorize key words that can be associated with numbers (one-bun);
    2. Create an image of the items you need to remember with key words. (A bun with cheese on it will remind me of dairy products.)

    Food groups:

    1. Dairy products: one-bun-cheese on a bun.
    2. Meat, fish, and poultry: two-shoe-livestock with shoes.
    3. Grains: three-tree-sack of grain hanging from tree.
    4. Fruit and vegetables: four-door- opening a door and walking into a room stocked with fruits and vegetables.

    For approximately twenty items

    Loci Method– Imagine placing the items you want to remember in specific locations in a room with which you are familiar.

    To remember presidents:
    Place a dollar bill (George Washington) on the door. Walk into the room and see Jefferson reclining on a sofa and Nixon eating out of the refrigerator.

    For foreign language vocabulary

    Keyword Method– Select the foreign words you need to remember, then identify an English word that sounds like the foreign one. Now imagine an image that involves the key word with the English meaning of the foreign word.

    In Spanish, the word “cabina” means phone booth. Invent an image of a cab trying to fit in a phone booth. When you see the word “cabina,” you should be able to recall this image and thereby retrieve the meaning “phone booth.”

    For remembering names

    Image-Name Technique– invent a relationship between the name and the physical characteristics of the person.

    Shirley Temple – her curly (rhymes with “Shirley”) hair around her temples.

    For ordered or unordered lists

    Chaining– Create a story where each word or idea you have to remember will cue the next idea you need to recall.

    Napoleon, ear, door, Germany
    Story: Napoleon had his ear to the door to listen to the Germans in his beer cellar.


    Bindu Sharma


  2. QUIZ

    Quizzing in Education It makes the Process of learning more interactive, student friendly and effective. Quizzing makes them more confident, enterprising, responsible caring and more communicative. It our (educator’s) duty to take all these forward. These are few guidelines for the educators to prepare young quizmasters. Always remember 3R theory... Comment
  3. Some of the well known Educators

    Here is an introduction of some of the well known educators and psychologists who had done a wonderful job in the field of education. They had formulated some widely accepted theories of education and explained the concepts and phenomenon of education through their great insight and observation…………………..   Hope this will add to... Comment
  4. Reading

    READING & ITS IMPORTANCE You all are well aware that READING is the ability of identifying and recognizing printed or written symbols, which help to relate familiar concepts. Being a good reader is always said to be the most important achievement in any one’s life. From the time a child... Comment
  5. Make a Difference

    Re-energize your workplace culture–and inspire greater loyalty–using the power of compassion. Despite what some may think, working harmoniously with challenging people will not be won on the front lines by changing specific techniques and processes at the “be nice” level. Rather, it’s a culture of compassion and understanding that makes... Comment

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