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  1. Handbook for Parents


    Handbook for Parents

    Vishal Jain / Jay Kumar


    Education cannot be confined to the four walls of a classroom only. For full growth and all round development of the child, it is a responsibility to be shared equally by the parents and the school. Though a school can do a lot for a child, it cannot do everything. The home is the place where the child gets the first education and training in citizenship. It is the chief institution where the character of the child is carved and moulded. School education promotes the growth of personality and helps to discover and develop the talent and qualities in a child. This task of helping children to become good citizens is done best through a kind of partnership between the school and parents and, therefore, to secure all that is best in the education of the children, maximum cooperation between the parents and the school authorities is indispensable. Needless to say, the school desires to have your cooperation and close contact with the teachers in order to develop an atmosphere conducive to education and child’s welfare. Regular communication between us is one of the links, which bridges the home and the school and provides effective media for parent teacher contact.

    In addition, it will be appreciated if the parents pay special attention to the following points:


    Download : handbookforparents

    Vishal Jain / Jay Kumar


  2. PTM Letter – Sample

    Dear Parents, On behalf of the entire ____________________ SCHOOL family we welcome you to our first Parent Educator Meet of the 2007-08 session. It is an important occasion for us as such parental interaction not only allows us to share the child’s progress with you but also enable us to... Comment
  3. Guidelines for Teachers

    Guidelines for Teachers : Includes details for … 1. Teachers functional guidelines 2. Maintenence of Discipline 3. Classroom teaching 4. 4.Classroom environment 5. Emergency procedure in case of any physical harm to a child. 6. Reporting to the Head 7. Lesson preparation (diaries etc) 8. Correction work 9. Remedial work 10. Project work 11. Syllabus completion 12. Conducting... 2
  4. Correction of Notebooks

    INSTRUCTIONS FOR TEACHERS    Points to be noted while correcting note books   Index Should be properly and neatly written in the given format (Sr no./Date/Lesson or Topic/Remarks or marks/Trs sign/Parent’s sign) Should be regularly maintained The signatures of Trs and remarks to be filled immediately after corrections. Parent’s sign... 2

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