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Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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March 2019
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  1. Volume 2 Month 6 Day 11 – Interesting activities and topics about the Middle Ages for English classes



    Students design gargoyles for modern buildings, e.g. metal ones for Guggenheim in Bilbao


    Students design armour for a present policeman, solider, American football player or teacher in a rough school using medieval technology


    Students play a board game on taking a pilgrimage, role-playing difficult situations such as meeting bandits and pirates

     Humane inhumanity

    Students roleplay a lord and someone who is trying to persuade him to improve the treatment of suspects and prisoners. They have to come to a compromise position, e.g. still using the rack but stopping when you have stretched someone by two centimetres

     Just like a jester

    Students redesign a jester’s costume using modern technology like flashing lights and a jet pack

     War of the Ages

    Students imagine that a medieval army is being attacked by a small band of modern soldiers and have to think up the tactics and weapons the older army could use to win without using any technology that didn’t exist at that time

     Modern apprenticeships

    Students draw posters advertise medieval apprenticeships they have designed for modern jobs, e.g. for supermarket shop assistant you sleep in the shop and only get bed and board for the first 7 years but after 20 years you can take over the whole supermarket, or for diving instructor you spend the first 5 years just polishing the equipment without even going underwater but by the end of your career you have a monopoly on the whole reef

     Which witch?

    Students draw posters on how to spot a witch in the modern world, e.g. a car that has spoilers that are actually little wings that means it can fly when no one is looking or a black automatic pencil that is really a wand

     Which witch? 2

    Students accuse each other of being witches, making up evidence

     Trial by Playstation

    Students design updated versions of trial by combat, e.g. trial by mental arithmetic or trial by Wii Fit

     Other topics that students might find interesting

    • Medieval torture and punishments, e.g. the rack
    • Medieval foods
    • Food that hadn’t been “discovered” yet
    • Banquets
    • Medieval music and/ or dance
    • Pilgrimages
    • The lives of rich people and/ or poor people
    • Famous bandits
    • How difficult overland travel was
    • Strange laws and rules, e.g. trial by combat
    • Weapons and warfare
    • Training to be a knight
    • Fairytales set in that period
    • The Crusades
    • The story of King Arthur, and the possible truth behind it
    • The story of Robin Hood, and the possible truth behind
    • The Silk Road
    • The plague, leprosy etc
    • The Vikings
    • Guilds
    • The mixing of German and French to make the English language
    • Medieval sports, e.g. jousting at tournaments and early forms of tennis and football
    • How carpenters, glassblowers etc did their jobs
    • The lives of apprentices
    • Witches and witch trials
    • Women’s roles
    • Religion and superstitions
    • Monsters and mythical creatures
    • Ghost stories
    • The Mongol Empire, and what technology spread from Arab countries and China in that time
    • Sumptuary laws
    • Lives of the saints


    STUDENT-CENTERED TEACHING AND LEARNING In the traditional approach to college teaching, most class time is spent with the professor lecturing and the students watching and listening. The students work individually on assignments, and cooperation is discouraged. Student-centered teaching methods shift the focus of activity from the teacher to the learners.... Comment
  3. A Task-Centered Instructional Strategy

    A Task-Centered Instructional Strategy1  Based on a review of instructional design models previous papers identified first principles of instruction. These principles prescribe a cycle of instruction consisting of activation, demonstration, application, and integration. These instructional phases are best implemented in the context of real-world tasks. A Pebble-in-the-Pond approach to instructional... Comment
  4. Syllabus Review

    The syllabus review is necessary to develop an understanding and correlate the efforts with results and identify areas that need attention. A critical, objective and exhaustive review, when school is not in session, alone can provide an opportunity for teachers and departments to critically review designs, strategies, goals & objectives... Comment

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