April 2018
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  1. Volume 3 Month 4 Day 4 – Good Teacher

    A bad teacher is negatively pessimistic
    A good teacher is positively optimistic

    A bad teacher swears all the time
    A good teacher cares in their prime

    A bad teacher passes on rude fear
    A good teacher has on good ears

    A bad teacher discourages
    A good teacher encourages

    A bad teacher despairs
    A good teacher prepares

    A bad teacher likes to bitch
    A good teacher likes to teach


    A bad teacher shouts every moment
    A good teacher scouts for every talent

    A bad teacher is up for crude devices
    A good teacher is up for good advice

    A bad teacher lets students fight on in the dark
    A good teacher sets students on the right track

    A bad teacher feeds on their looks
    A good teachers reads many books

    A bad teacher sings along with wrong faults
    A good teacher brings along the right results

    Kiran Tomar

  2. Volume 3 Month 2 Day 9- Communicating Effectively with Parents/Guardians

    Teacher’s communication and interaction with the parents of students is an inevitable responsibility and undoubtedly, one of the most important elements for strengthening school and its performance. Therefore, teacher’s communication with parents should be so effective that they get influenced and feel satisfied that their child is learning under a smart teacher.... Comment
  3. Volume 3 Month 1 Day 29- Ten Common Characteristics of Good Teachers

    It is true that different teachers have different teaching style. However, there are some common characteristics of a good teacher. These are as follows: 1.     Good teachers plan their session/lessons thoroughly, with regard to not only curriculum requirements, but also taking account of health and safety factors, stimulating a positive... Comment
  4. Volume 3 Month 1 Day 10- Intrinsic Motivation in Classroom

    Student motivation, especially intrinsic motivation (the motivation that comes from within ones self), is a critical part of the education process. Motivation is a necessity so that learning becomes a continuing, improving, interesting and hopefully enjoyable process A teacher, must develop and encourage classroom motivation, i.e. think of and find... Comment

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