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  1. Share knowledge and skills


    Successful teachers connect with their students to motivate, encourage, and direct. Successful teachers are knowledgeable about their subject, clear in their directions, and make their expectations known from the beginning. Successful teachers are enthusiastic about their subject and their students’ achievements. They are creative, patient, and reliable.Being a successful teacher has little or nothing to do with a college degree. It has far more to do with their own love of learning and their ability to share knowledge and skills with a variety of learners. Professionally successful teachers must also be skilled at working within a school administration, whether public or private.
    Knowledgeable And Enthusiastic
    Successful teachers take pride in being knowledgeable in their subject. They continue to learn about the latest concepts, research, and discoveries within their field. Outgoing, enthusiastic teachers are able to spark interest in the subject in their students’ minds. By keeping abreast of the latest discoveries in learning styles, brain research, and classroom management techniques, good teachers apply their skills to build a positive and productive classroom environment.
    Good Public Speakers
    Successful teachers are able to express themselves clearly, consistently, and in ways that will grab and hold the interest of their students. Good teachers often video record themselves in action to see where they might improve. Public speaking is a skill that can be crafted and improved. Successful teachers improve themselves in order to be better teachers.
    High Expectations
    Good teachers hold themselves and their students to high expectations. Objectives are made clear and are measurable by both teacher and student. Effective teachers offer a variety of learning opportunities and challenges for exceptional students while providing a solid background and supportive scaffolding to struggling students. High expectations that are clear and measurable allow students to challenge themselves in a variety of methods, while striving successfully for good grades and increased learning.
    Exceptional teachers use their creativity to make the subject more interesting while providing learning opportunities to a variety of learning styles. They also encourage students to use their own creativity to explore the subject and to present their findings in a variety of ways, thereby expanding everyone’s experience within the classroom.The clarity, convictions, and creativity that successful teachers bring to the classroom allow them to provide their students with the best possible learning experience, inspiring students to want to learn, do, and know more.Successful teachers are those who can create a positive learning environment, share subject matter in a way that is both entertaining and intriguing, and who can instill a love of learning in their students.(23)
    K. Russell


  2. Create effective Power Point presentations

    Technology has certainly expanded the resources that instructors have available to help their students learn. But the availability of computers and LCD projectors in the classroom does not automatically translate into a better educational experience for the student. There are certainly some “Do’s and Don’ts” for creating an effective PowerPoint... Comment
  3. Some Useful Speed Reading Techniques

      With the alarmingly increasing availability of information to people nowadays, need for speed reading is also on the rise. It is a collection of various techniques and methods that help in increasing your reading speed without actually reducing your retention and comprehension capabilities. This is becoming more and more... Comment

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