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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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October 2018
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  1. A Handbook for Parents of Children Who Are Gifted and Talented


    A Handbook for Parents of Children Who Are Gifted and Talented, 2004

    This handbook offers information and strategies that parents can use to nurture their child’s learning and emotional well-being at home, in school, and in the community.  The department collaborated with the Alberta Associations for Bright Children in the development of this handbook for parents of children who are gifted and talented.

    This resource is in portable document format (PDF) and is divided into sections. The number of pages and file size of each chapter is provided for reference when downloading and/or printing.

    The Journey: A Handbook for Parents of Children Who Are Gifted and Talented(complete guide)

    Or by sections:

    Front and Back Cover (514 kb)

    Title Page (19 kb)

    ISBN/Publication Date (14 kb)

    Table of Contents, Acknowledgements and Introduction, pp. i-vi (84 kb)

    Chapter 1: Starting the Journey: Children Share Stories About the Most Important People in Their Lives–Their Parents, pp. 1–2 (54 kb)

    Chapter 2: Signposts Along the Way: Signs of Giftedness, pp. 3–12 (122 kb)

    Chapter 3: Forks in the Road: Assessment and Identification of Giftedness, pp. 13–22 (151 kb)

    Chapter 4: Journey Through School: Making the Most of the School Experience, pp. 23-34 (145 kb)

    Chapter 5: The Family Journey: How Giftedness Can Affect Family Experiences, pp. 35-42 (113 kb)

    Chapter 6: Exploring the Community: Seeking Opportunities and Building Support, pp. 43-46 (71 kb)

    Chapter 7: Bumps Along the Way: Coping with Underachievement, Perfectionism, Heightened Sensitivity, Depression, Frustration and Introversion, pp. 47-58 (166 kb)

    Chapter 8: The Road Less Travelled: Giftedness and Learning Disabilities, Attention Disorders and Asperger’s Syndrome, pp. 59-66 (109 kb)

    Chapter 9: The Road Ahead: Career Planning and Development, pp. 67-78 (163 kb)

    Chapter 10: The Journey Continues: Researching New Questions, pp. 79-84 (93 kb)

    Afterword: Looking Back: Final Words of Parents Who Have Made the Journey, pp. 85–86 (61 kb)

    Appendices and Index, pp. 87–104 (206 kb)

    Bibliography and Feedback, pp. 105–109 (71 kb)

    Source :


  2. Be a Pro-Change Teacher

    Many teachers (especially experienced ones) suffer from what I call “change phobia.” And if not carefully monitored, even new teachers can be inflicted with this the career-ending disease. What is “change phobia” you ask? It’s exactly what you may think it is; it’s an unhealthy fear of change. As teachers,... Comment
  3. Go for Your Teaching Goals

      by Professor Joe Martin Here’s a question, “Do you know how advertisers get us to buy things?” Is it by creating a desire for it? Is it by creating fear of not having it? You’re right in both cases, but a more subtle way that seems to be more... Comment
  4. Homework Wars

    By: Rachelle Nones   Kids don’t want to do it. Teachers don’t want to grade it. Experts don’t even know if it has any true education value.  So the question is: Is homework really necessary? No thorough answer to the homework question would be complete without the input of students. After surveying... Comment
  5. Classroom Displays

    Classroom displays are an integral part of a classroom.  They help children feel valued and involved.  Their artwork is often displayed on the walls but needs framing appropriately.  Classroom displays can help. We stock a huge number of classroom display products, from display letters to banners, borders and trimmers, all... Comment

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