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  1. How to teach effectively in a 40 min. period.


    I have seen so many articles on the net regarding teaching etc., but all these methods are good only in reading, but very difficult to follow in 40 minutes period & limited time target for completion of syllabus. When I was in job as PGT teacher, I encountered so many such problems, but now as the admin of institute I can easily understand the teachers point as well administrator point of view. So in this context I would like to mention some points for teachers as well – 

    1. Teacher should have clear goal in mind – what he wants to give to student & what he wants in return?

    2. Understand your class psychology in advance through 1 or 2 interactions.

    3. Student always mimics their teacher, so behavior of teacher, his appearance his confidence, his VOICE should be highly impressive.

    4. NO loose talks regarding school or any other teacher any other student should be encouraged.

    5. First of all identify distractive child of the class and give them some responsibilities.


    1. Always prepare your lecture well in advance.

    2. Must revise previous day lecture through question answering session in first 5-10 minutes.

    3. Use your board up to maximum extent.

    4. Voice of teacher should be commanding.

    5. Try to address students as – My students. It will create a personal teacher – student attachment.

    6. Keep eye contact with all the students, take rounds in class.

    7. Your lecture should include some exercise or questions so that some thing should be their for the students to work with.

    8. Some laughing comments make class environment comfortable.

    9. Last but not least famous word RECAPTULATION. A teacher must recapitulate his lecture.

    Now a 40 mint period is sufficient to achieve all the aims for teaching.



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