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Principals Diary

Impress your management with the task list in principals diary. An Exclusive Diary especially designed for Principals / Directors / Head of Schools / Coordinators / HOD's

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June 2018
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  1. Volume 2 Month 7 Day 1 – A note about your routines…


    Effective teachers spend more of their time in the first few weeks of the year teaching classroom routines than on academic content because they are the key to a well-managed, organized classroom. They AUTOMATE your classroom. The number of interruptions to academic instruction are reduced and the class flows more smoothly. Points to remember:

    • Have a copy of your routines and procedures to hand to each of your pupils(Keep extra copies on hand for new students who arrive later in the year.)
    • Do not simply hand out the routines – teach them, demonstrate them, practice them, give feedback to pupils as they use them. Behaviour must be TAUGHT.
    • Teach the most important, key routines over a period of days, one or two at a time.
    • Explain the rationale behind the routine or procedure.
    • Model the routine or procedure for the students.
    • Have the pupils (or one pupil) model the procedure.
    • Be consistent . Don’t give up after a few days. The time spent teaching, monitoring and reinforcing routines will pay tremendous dividends. If the routines are established at the beginning of the year, the entire rest of the year will be more enjoyable and productive for both you and your students.

    Vishal Jain


  2. Volume 2 Month 6 Day 15 – Tools for creating ideas

    ·        Absence Thinking: Think about what is not there . ·        Art streaming: Keep creating until you get through the blocks. ·        Assumption Busting: Surfacing and challenging unconscious assumptions. ·        Attribute Listing: Listing attributes of objects and then challenging them. ·        Brainstorming: The classic creative method for groups. ·        Braindrawing:... Comment
  3. Volume 2 Month 6 Day 11 – Interesting activities and topics about the Middle Ages for English classes

    Gargoyles Students design gargoyles for modern buildings, e.g. metal ones for Guggenheim in Bilbao  Armour Students design armour for a present policeman, solider, American football player or teacher in a rough school using medieval technology  Pilgrimage Students play a board game on taking a pilgrimage, role-playing difficult situations such as... Comment

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