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August 2018
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  1. Importance of “group discussion”


    Group discussion on study is essential for effective learning. In group discussion learning is shared and student participating in discussion are benefited.

    When you study a topic, discuss it with your classmates in college. Tell your classmates or friend that you will discuss about a particular topic tomorrow so that they can prepare the topic for tomorrow’s discussion. In discussion every student has his turn to talk. Try to be polite and friendly in discussion. Participating in group discussion has the many benefits. Here’s explained some of the main benefits

    It enhances your learning – You learn more.

    Your friend may have learnt a topic well comparatively. He may have picked up some important points from the topic which you may have not. When you discuss it with him, you learn these points as well. Similarly you may have learnt some points in a topic which he may have missed, so he learns it in discussion. In this way the learning is shared and you are benefitted.

    Discussion generates good questions – helps in preparation for exam.

    When you discusses about a topic with your friend in group, you can freely ask any question which you have in your mind about any point in the topic and you get the answer. Similarly they ask questions.

    Different minds discussing about a topic, generates good questions and try to find their answers. These are the conceptual questions which are asked in the exams. In this way, Group discussion helps in preparation for exams by generating conceptual question and finding their answers.

    It shows you your weakness – it improves you.

    Until you don’t know about your weaknesses, you cannot improve. In group discussion you come to know that in which areas you are weak and you need to focus more on them to improve.

    It rectifies your mistakes.

    You may learn something wrong. You may make a wrong concept about a topic which you think is correct. When you share it in discussion, you come to know that it is wrong. In this way, your wrong concept are rectified. If you don’t discusses it group, you may write this wrong concept even in exam and get less marks for it.

    It helps you on “how to study and how to make preparation for exam”.

    While discussing on a topic, inspired from a student you ask him how he studies or how he make preparation for exam?. In this way, you improve your study method or preparation method.

    It helps for oral exams – It improves your communication skills.

    By participating in group discussions you can improve your communication skills. In this way it prepares you for oral exams and interviews as well.


  2. The Power of Vedic Math

    In 1998 Mr. Pradeep Kumar(alumnus IIM Bangalore started working on Vedic Math, it was a little known subject and everybody who came to know about his decision discouraged him. At that point of time he felt that the Vedic math is incoherent. Later he realized Vedic math needed to be... Comment
  3. How to Find a Talent

    Talents come in many varieties. They may be artistic or technical, mental or physical, inwardly directed or outwardly. They need not be profitable, useful, or conventional, but they will always be your own, a part of what makes you, you. Talents are usually second nature and “feel right”: The expertise... Comment
  4. How to Decide on a Career Field

    Deciding on a career may seem daunting but it is easier when you give yourself a lot of options and time to consider it. However the dilemma is the lack of match between your aptitude and the skill sets. You are fortunate if your skill sets match your aptitude. Otherwise,... Comment
  5. How to Create Good Study Habits for Exams

    Taking exams can lead to stress and anxiety if you have not studied during the year because you will find yourself cramming for each test and studying late into the night.With a little time management during the school year, you not only minimize stress at exam time, but maximize productivity and results.... Comment

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